UCL Division of Medicine


Professor Oliver Wrong's Archive

22 August 2016

The Wellcome Trust has catalogued the extensive archive of research notes and papers of Emeritus Professor Oliver Wrong, the eminent nephrologist, who died in 2012, making them available for use by researchers in the field.

Wrong was a pioneer in the field of kidney disease and one of the founders of the academic speciality in the United Kingdom. He was an expert on renal tubular acidosis and nephrocalcinosis. He identified the condition he baptised "Dent's Disease", and was still doing ground-breaking work on Distal Renal Tubul Acidosis (dRTA) when he died. He also had a particular interest in the large intestine.

The archive, which will be housed at The Wellcome Trust Library on Euston Road, London, spans almost Wrong's entire research career and contains original clinical and laboratory notes, much international correspondence with colleagues and renal images. The cataloguing has been funded by University College London and the Wrong family.