UCL Division of Medicine


UCL Stroke Case Collection (UStroc)

30 June 2014

Dr Reecha Sofat, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Dr Martina Colicchia, Research Fellow in the Division of Medicine, shown above with Elizabeth Tollady. 

Elizabeth is the first patient to be recruited into a new research study, that aims to characterise in far greater detail than previously possible, the different types of stroke that affect patients. This study, called the UCL Stroke Case Collection (UStroc), will collect data on all patients with stroke that are admitted to the hyperacute stroke unit at UCLH. It is unique, as it will embed a research study into the routine of a very busy clinical service. It is a key initiative in trying to increase the understanding of the causes and the prognosis of stroke. This has become a pressing need, because different subtypes of stroke are now diagnosed with greater accuracy because of advances in imaging. However the aetiology and natural history of these subtypes is not yet clear. It is only with larger, better characterised cohorts, that we can begin to understand this. The study is funded by UCL BRC, UCL Bioresource and the Rosetrees Trust.