UCL Division of Medicine


02 October 2017 | 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

DoM Bake-off competition - 2nd October 2017

Rayne 2nd floor Coffee Area and Seminar Room

The Division of Medicine proposes to host a Bake-Off Competition to showcase the baking skills of the Division.

We invite expressions of interest from aspiring contestants, and from people who would like to be on the judging panel. 

Judging Panel:  If you would like to volunteer as a panel member, please let Anita a.waterman@ucl.ac.uk know as soon as possible

Contestants:      If you would like to be a contestant for the competition, please let Anita know.  We will then send you some rules to adhere to.  Please note that in the event of too many contestants, we will cap the number, so we will be accepting contestants on a first come, first served basis.

We are also open to suggestions how to use the event to raise money for medical charities. 

Please note that this event is of course open to everybody within the Division.

We hope to hold this Bake-Off on Monday 2nd October (so that bakers can be busy over the weekend!!) in the 2nd floor seminar room and coffee area from 3 p.m. onwards.