UCL Division of Medicine


2018 Grants

Respiratory MedicineJanes, Professor Samuel (Sam)JANSSEN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT LLC23/12/2018Pre-Cancer Genome Atlas 2.0928,305.37
Respiratory MedicineHurst, Professor JohnBRITISH LUNG FOUNDATION01/11/2018Research Prioritisation in Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease24,600.00
Renal MedicineKleta, Professor RobertKIDNEY RESEARCH UK25/10/2018Interaction of genetics and environment in triggering autoimmune membranous nephropathy (AMN): a paradigm for initiation of autoimmunity5,734.00
Respiratory MedicineJanes, Professor Samuel (Sam)ROSETREES TRUST15/10/2018Defining the molecular profile of preinvasive squamous cell carcinoma and treatment with photodynamic therapy175,852.00
InflammationGiles, Professor Ian (Ian)British Society for Rheumatology03/10/2018Identifying immunological markers of ultrasound-defined disease activity of rheumatoid arthritis in pregnancy39,982.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineAtkinson, Professor DavidAlan Turing Institute01/10/2018Machine Learning for MRI Motion Correction9,064.00
Experimental & Translational MedicinePunwani, Professor ShonitUCLH NIHR BRC01/10/2018Feasibility Study of Hyperpolarized 13C MRI in Gliomas and Correlation of the Findings with Metabolic MRI Metrics and Histopathology40,000.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineDay, Professor RichardGLAXOSMITHKLINE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT LTD01/10/2018Development and exploration of experimental models of inflammation in man38,165.00
Respiratory MedicineJanes, Professor Samuel (Sam)LONG FONDS VOORHEN ASTMA FONDS - LUNG FOUNDATION N01/09/2018BREATH  Building Respiratory Epithelium And Tissue for Health733,854.09
Respiratory MedicineBrown, Professor Jeremy (Jeremy)MRC01/07/2018Adjunct antibody therapy for severe antibiotic-resistance acinetobacter  baumannii infections250,000.00
NephrologyMontgomery, Professor Hugh (Hugh)DEFENCE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY01/03/2018ASC Task 154 - The pathophysiology of non-freezing cold injury in male and female military personnel24,955.97
Inst for Liver and Digestive HlthHsuan, Professor John (Justin)ROYAL FREE HOSPITAL SPECIAL TRUSTEES09/01/2018Automated ELISA system9,465.00
Experimental & Translational MedicineHalligan, Professor Michael Stephen (Steve)NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH RESEARCH02/01/2018Surgical repair of complex ventral hernia: Development and internal validation of a prognostic model to identify recurrence114,829.60