UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences


Postgraduate Research in Medical Sciences

Each of our postgraduate research students is immersed within the process of discovery, development and implementation of all the research that takes place within the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

PhD candidates are invited to present their research each year at the annual Dean's Research Prize event. The event provides an opportunity to share their findings with a wide and varied audience, receive feedback from peers and senior academics and perhaps most importantly, develop the confidence and public enagagement skills necessary for a career in academia.

View a selection of research presentations below for a flavour of what our students are involved in. To uncover the breadth of research taking place in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, visit our Postgraduate Research playlist on YouTube.

A flavour of our postgraduate research 


'Can Fish Fix Our Broken Hearts?' - Vanessa Lowe

UCL Division of Medicine

Vanessa presents her research on the zebrafish and its ability to regenerate its heart after injury and whether these cellular and molecular functions could be replicated within a targeted therapy for human heart regeneration.


'What's (Not So) Up Doc? - Emily Unwin

UCL Medical School

Emily presents her research on the poor performance of doctors in the UK and what role gender plays, if any.


'Regenerative Medicine For Paintings On Canvas' - Alexandra Bridarolla

UCL Eastman Dental Institute

Alexandra presents her research on how nanocellulose can be used for the purposes of art conservation.


'Smart Dental Fillings' - Nabih Alkhouri

UCL Eastman Dental Institute

Nabih presents his research on a novel composite material which may assist in treating children with tooth decay or dental caries.



'Building Better Bone' - Liza Osagie

UCL Division of Surgery & Interventional Science

Liza presents her research on the role of parathyroid hormones on improving fracture management and bone formation in adults with osteoporosis.


'How Human Are We?' - Christopher Tie 

UCL Division of Infection & Immunity

Christopher presents his research on the viral proteins present in our DNA.

'Cancer Cells Have Feelings Too' - Jordi Gonzalez-Molina
UCL Division of Medicine

Jordi presents his research on how cancer cells in our bodies can be greatly influenced by the extracellular fluid surrounding them.


'T-cells To Kill T-cells' - Paul Maciocia

UCL Cancer Institute

Paul presents his research on identifying the 2 different proteins expressed in cancerous T-cells (TRBC1 and TRBC2) and how genetically engineered healthy T-cells can be used to kill those which express TRBC1.