UCL Medical School


Understanding Research

The module aims to provide participants with a grounding in educational and social research.  The module will provide students the opportunity to:

  • explore the politics and purposes of different types of research;
  • investigate the range of theories of knowledge which underpin different approaches to research;
  • critically reflect on ethical issues for research and their own identity as a researcher;
  • become familiar with a range of research concepts and methods for data collection and analysis;
  • read and critique research within their own and other disciplines. 

The following series of topics/ areas will be considered: 

  • aims and purposes of research;
  • approaches and paradigms;
  • research designs;
  • research questions and hypotheses;
  • choosing data collection methods;
  • what constitutes data?;
  • data analysis;
  • judging the quality of research; synthesis and use of research. 

Throughout the module ethical issues and the identity and role of the researcher will be considered.

Dates 16-17:This module is scheduled to take place in the Autumn and Spring term.