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Health Professions Education - Meet the team

Meet your programme team for the MSc Health Professions Education.

Professor Ann Griffin

Deputy Director UCL Medical School, Director of the Research Department of Medical Education, lead for Postgraduate Programmes and Scholarship and Honorary Consultant NHS London

My own experience of balancing the demands of medical practice alongside undertaking formal study in education, in my case up to doctoral level, has a profound impact on how I understand inclusive and flexible pedagogy. The Masters programmes, continuous professional development, and education consultancy are all designed to academically challenge learners, to encourage them to be critical about their practice but be flexible enough to accommodate the multiple demands I know you face. I believe that theory and evidence are as critical to education as they are to medicine, and I know the amazing PGME team will inform and inspire you on your transformative journey to excellence in health professions education. Being head of two award winning departments, for medical education research and postgraduate programmes and scholarships, has been an exceptional opportunity for me contribute to research-led education.

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Dr Kerry Calvo

Associate Professor (teaching) & Continuing Professional Development Lead

As a Medical Educationalist with a clinical background in General Practice, I am passionate about theory and evidence-informed teaching; critical reading; learning to learn in different settings (physical and virtual); learning and working in inter-disciplinary teams; and continuing professional development - I strongly believe that there is always more to learn and that we learn best with others. I co-lead the MSc HPE programme and run modules on the MSc HPE that focus on teaching and learning, contemporary issues in healthcare education, curriculum development and literature reviews. I run a teaching course for new educators, co-Lead our highly successful GP Clinical Supervisor programme and am responsible for development and evaluation of our wider team of healthcare education facilitators.

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Dr Miranda Kronfli

Clinical Associate Professor (Teaching) & PGME Lead for Quality

I am Co-Lead of the Master’s in Health Professions Education and Divisional Graduate Tutor for Postgraduate Taught studies. I have interests in supervision, coaching, assessment, and research methods, and am a passionate advocate of clinical educators as role models for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the clinical and academic settings. I have a background in Palliative Medicine, and education research. I am currently undertaking doctoral studies at the Institute of Education, with an interest in Fairness in Assessment for minoritised groups.

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Dr Lisa Gould

Lecturer in Postgraduate Medical Education

I have a PhD in Clinical Neuroscience and a degree in Psychology, my expertise centres around how we learn, the neuroscience and theoretical basis of learning and memory. I also have a specialist interest in wellbeing, burnout and mental health.  

I have an established publication record, holding first person authorship of articles in world leading journals such as Brain, and have published on multi-professional international curriculum development with the World Health Organisation and contributed to shaping health research and policy work. I have been P.I in several national and international health services delivery and development projects, and have been a visiting research fellow at UNSW, Australia. 

I have a multi-disciplinary background and I am passionate about working with our diverse interprofessional UCL student groups, and the enormous potential of higher education as social mobility.