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Seminar 10 June: Trust, professionalism and regulation: How they interact in medicine and law

10 June 2021, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm

Dr Kirsty Alexander

The Research Department of Medical Education are delighted to host this online evening seminar, featuring Dr Kirsty Alexander, Research Fellow UCL Medical School

This event is free.

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Although public trust is accepted as a cornerstone of professional practice, exactly what this concept entails, and how it is created and maintained often relies on assumed understandings. Moreover, like the concept of professionalism, it is a complex and individual concept, which is highly context dependent. Regulation of the professions has been a key response to build public trust in the professions.

Kirsty and co-authors thus undertook an exploratory qualitative project, to better understand how public trust is built in the modern, regulated environments.

Interviews with those in, or related to, the UK legal and medical professions were analysed to create a snapshot of professionals’ attitudes and understandings at a particular point in time. The aim was to explore how these concepts are currently understood, as well as to create a critical and evaluative space to consider how these might be conceived of differently.

Join us for a short presentation on the project, and then a space for friendly, critical discussion of how trust, professionalism and regulation interact medicine and law. Everyone welcome!

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Dr Kirsty Alexander

Research Fellow at UCL Medical School

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