UCL Medical School



If you are in any financial hardship then we would like to help.

We have numerous Scholarships, Bursaries and schemes that you can apply for and have recently spent time making the process transparent and easy for you.

Students can apply for our Annual round of bursaries and scholarships via Moodle, this process opens in Term 2 and closes in October each year.

Students can also apply for Hardship funds or loans throughout the year, again using a form in Moodle and contacting us for a Student Support Appointment.

Reimbursement for conferences is available and this form is on Moodle and should be sent to us for approval with any receipts.

We also administer some external funds and these are advertised on Moodle also.

More details can be found below and on Moodle, also UCL’s wellbeing department hosts finance clinics and provides support, advise and their own funding open to all students.


As well as the financial assistance we can offer you here in the Medical School, all medical students can also apply for help from UCL’s Central support and wellbeing, This can particularly helpful when requiring advise on Interruptions, budgeting, emergency loans and to make an appointment with a financial advisor.



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