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Medical School Student Money

If you are in any financial hardship then we would like to help.

We have numerous Scholarships, Bursaries and schemes that you can apply for and have recently spent time making the process transparent and easy for you.

Students can apply for our round of Bursaries and Scholarships via Moodle, this process opens in Term 2 and closes in October each year.  This includes bursaries specifically for those in Year 6 planning their Elective

Students can also apply for Hardship funds or loans throughout the year, again using a form in Moodle.

Funding to assist with the costs of presenting at conferences is available and the application form for this is also on Moodle. If conferences are during term time, students must first obtain permission to be absent from the course before applying for assistance with conference funding.  Amounts granted are up to 50% of the fees and travel to a maximum of £200, and access to the funding is limited to one occasion during the MBBS course. 

We also administer some external funds and these are advertised on Moodle also.

Please be aware that we do ask for supporting documents and accurate incomings and outgoings, all of this means we can make careful and well thought out decisions and it means we can transfer your money more quickly! Your statement is equally important and allows you to describe your situation more fully.

Your information is of course confidential and only assessed by the Student Support Manager and the select Bursaries committee where completely necessary.

More details can be found below and on Moodle . It can also be invaluable to speak to someone about finance and any money worries. Money can cause considerable stress which can lead to other concerns such as sleep, lack of concentration, over-stretching yourself and we can help with all of these things. Please make an appointment with student support if you would like to.


The current guidelines suggest that the costs per year per student are £15,103. It is important to budget and plan your money taking account of any additional expenses that being a Medical Student may incur eg: Approved calculator, White coat, Lockers, photocopying, some books.

Or, increased Travel during clinical years (if you qualify for an NHS bursary they can offer travel reimbursement, please contact your year administrator for this). Check your timetable in advance to plan for travel costs.

Always be aware of student discounts and ensure you are using TFL’s student discount photocard.

There are some brilliant resources and examples of budgets available on UCL’s student finance pages.

UCL Finance

As well as the financial assistance we can offer you here in the Medical School, all medical students can also apply for help from UCL’s Central support and wellbeing.

The team here can be particularly helpful with financial advise on Interruptions, budgeting, emergency loans and to make an appointment with a financial advisor. The friendly and accessible team host finance clinics and provide support, advice and their own funding which is open to all students.


We often hear of External bursaries including funding from the Royal Free Hospital Trust and other external institutes and organisations. Please find further information here or again we collate this for you on our Moodle page.

Heller Bursaries

Lord and Lady Heller, themselves great patrons of the art, offer Medical Students awards that would allow them to undertake a short course or part-time course in the Arts or Languages. They recognise the important role that the arts and humanities can play in the professional and personal development of doctors, but acknowledge that traditional medical training can leave little opportunity for this. Approximately 50 students each year complete a course due to their generosity and find they are better equipped to deal with stress and develop a greater variety of skills. To find out more and to apply please use the form on Moodle.

 NHS Bursaries

This page directs you to the NHS Bursary help and guidance

Other resources