UCL Medical School


Research at UCLMS

Within UCL Medical School we have our own Research Department of Medical Education (RDME) however UCLMS also welcomes requests to support research from other UCL departments and external projects.

Our roles as the QAEU is not to assist in project planning or ethics approval processes but to review submitted requests, to ensure that the large number of requests to contact our staff and students for research purposes remains manageable and appropriate.

Please note we cannot approve access to staff employed in NHS Trusts or access to NHS sites for research purposes. NHS trusts have their own research and ethics approval processes that would need to be undertaken for this. We can publicise approved projects to UCLMS students and to UCLMS staff with a UCL contract (but not to our wider clinical faculty employed by NHS Trusts).

Students wanting to get involved in research can:

  • help as a participant in the research projects listed on the MBBS Noticeboard
  • visit the AcaMedics webpage
  • consider getting involved in projects to enhance the student experience at UCLMS
  • if you have a specific project in mind, reach out to the relevant faculty member to discuss the possibility of them supervising a research project you design.

Projects From Other UCLMS Departments

If you are a UCL researcher and would like to submit a request for your study to be circulated, please ensure that you have recieved ethical approval from UCL and confirm this in your request, which should be submitted here: 

If successful, your request will be published on the MBBS Noticeboard (on Moodle) and advertised via the Noticeboard Newsletter as an invitation for voluntary participation by our medical students or staff.

External Projects

UCLMS welcomes requests from external partners to circulate information to students on studies being conducted. Any open adverts for studies will be published on the MBBS Noticeboard (on Moodle) and advertised via the Noticeboard Newsletter.  

If you are an external researcher, please ensure that you have received approval via the Medical School's Council (MSC) and include confirmation of this in your request to us. UCL also requires that external requests are briefly reviewed by our REC. Please liaise with UCL at ethics@ucl.ac.uk to provide all relevant documents and your evidence of MSC approval. Once UCL Ethics have granted approval, please let us know (either in the form below or as an addendum if the form was previously submitted).

When you are ready to submit a request, please complete our online form:

If approved we can advertise your request via the above channels, as an invitation for voluntary participation by our medical students. 

Questions regarding ethics approval should be addressed to the UCL ethics department. More information on them and their processes can be found on their webpage: UCL Research Ethics

If you have any other queries email medsch.qaeu@ucl.ac.uk