UCL Medical School


External Evaluation

The QAE unit are responsible for ensuring that procedures are established and maintained to allow UCLMS to respond in a transparent manner to the regulatory requirements of:


Reporting to UCL: Annual Student Experience Review

The Annual Student Experience Review (ASER) was introduced in 2015 as UCL's tool for monitoring the quality of teaching and learning and for enhancing the student experience. The ASER draws on an evaluation of student satisfaction (including the NSS, PTES and New to UCL surveys) and student feedback (SEQ), reports from external examiners and actions taken by the School in response to them as well as admissions and progression statistics to develop an action plan for the next academic year. The ASER is used to assist in the preparation for the Internal Quality Reviews (IQR) which are held every five years.


Reporting to UCL: Internal Quality Review (IQR)

The IQR is UCL's central academic quality management and enhancement process and includes all academic departments of UCL.

IQRs are conducted every 5 years and the Medical School had an IQR in 2015, which covered both undergraduate and postgraduate activities in the Division. The IQR process includes the preparation and submission of a Self Evaluative Statement (SES), a visit by a QA team from UCL and the formulation of an action plan, which is subsequently updated on an annual basis. 


Reporting to the General Medical Council (GMC) 

The GMC holds statutory responsibility to set standards fo undergraduate medical education and to ensure that these standards are met. 

Each year the GMC asks the School to complete an annual return to feed into their Quality Assurance processes. From 2019-20, the Medical School's Annual Return (MSAR) was replaced by a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ).

Historical MSAR and SAQ reports have been removed at the request of the GMC, who will be providing a link to their reporting system in late 2021/22.


Reporting to Health Education England (HEE) 

The NHS Undergraduate Tariff (NUT) is a funding stream provided by HEE to all NHS Trusts involved in undergraduate medical education. HEE requires the Medical School to provide an annual report covering all the financial and quality processes relating to NUT funding. These reports can be seen below: