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Personal Tutoring

Your Personal Tutor is there for you as your first point of call – they can listen to you, help guide you with learning or personal issues, discuss your academic progress, and will certainly enjoy hearing about your hobbies and achievements!

Every student is assigned a Personal Tutor.

  • In Years 1 - 2, this will be one of our eight Personal Tutors, each with a cohort of students to look after. They provide support to help you achieve your academic and personal potential.
  • In Year 3, your iBSc will provide you with a Personal Tutor.
  • In Years 4 - 5, you will have a doctor as your Personal Tutor, who will be responsible for approximately 10 students. You'll also have your Site Senior Personal Tutors who manage and support personal tutors on their site, as well as provide an additional layer of support for yourselves.
  • In Year 6, you'll be at your DGH and your Educational Supervisors will be able to help with any pastoral needs.

We've developed a layered support system so that we can provide appropriate support and advice, no matter your needs. If you've got an issue that touches on the regulatory side of the MBBS, or there is serious concern about your wellbeing, you may be referred to the Divisional Tutor's Office to discuss your options with the appropriate member of the team.

There's more information below for students and Personal Tutors alike, so please do have a read!

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