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MBBS Office of the Divisional Tutor

The Divisional Tutor for the MBBS leads our experienced team of MBBS Tutors. The team is committed to monitoring and supporting our students with the academic, health, personal and social factors that may impact on wellbeing, performance, academic achievement, and fitness to practise. 

The MBBS is a regulated course with a lot of challenges to navigate. Our team of tutors can provide clear and accessible advice on specific areas of the course and the regulations, with a view to helping you make the best decisions for you. Check out our team to find out more about what each tutor does and who to turn to.

If you’re not sure where to turn, or need general advice, then please do contact medsch.mbbstutors@ucl.ac.uk and our team can direct you to the right place. Please also check out our A-Z of Policies and FAQs which addresses frequently asked questions, and signposts you to regulatory and other information which may be helpful to students.

We have a separate service designed to provide pastoral support for our students, through Personal Tutors. If the problem in hand may affect your progress on the course, your Personal Tutor may refer you into the Divisional Tutor’s office for more specialised advice.

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The Office of the Divisional Tutor is made up of tutors dedicated to monitoring and helping our students make the best decisions

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How to access advice from the Office of the Divisional Tutor