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The Divisional Tutor's Office is made up of the MBBS Divisional Tutor and a team of MBBS Tutors, drawn from academic staff and clinicians, to provide a comprehensive service for medical students. Our team of MBBS Tutors host frequent clinics that students can book into. They offer advice and support on regulatory matters, each one having a specialised area. As a team, we intend to help you to succeed at UCLMS and will give clear and accessible advice.

You can read more about our team below and find out how to speak to us.

Divisional Tutors

MBBS Tutors

Professional Services Staff:


Dr William Coppola

Divisional Tutor and Sub-Dean, Clinical Associate Professor
Dr Will Coppola

In my role as the Divisional Tutor, I am responsible for areas relating to university regulations and student progression. I am also involved in admissions and other student-focused matters.

I am keen to ensure that students have a rewarding, safe, and happy time at UCL and to make sure we work within the regulatory constraints of the MBBS. I am always willing to see students who would like my help.

I have interests in e-learning, medical education research, student mental health, primary care cardiovascular disease prevention, and am an author and standard-setter for the national PSA assessment. I enjoy cycling to work, and have previously climbed of all the Lake District Wainwright Hills!

To arrange a meeting with Dr Coppola, please drop our team an email at medsch.mbbstutors@ucl.ac.uk.


Miss Stella Ivaz

Deputy Divisional Tutor, Clinical Associate Professor, Consultant Urological Surgeon
Stella Ivaz

Student well-being is crucial when it comes to your academic performance. I understand the need to treat any issues that you have in a sensitive manner and with an empathic approach. I like to create a trusting environment where students feel comfortable to come forward with any issues they may have, however small or big they might be. Identifying any problems early allows for appropriate support measures to be put into place.

At UCL in my Deputy Divisional Tutor role, I am responsible for Medical Personal Tutoring and Support service enhancement, and for supporting students in areas relating to the additional regulatory requirements for medical students to be able to train in the NHS. Outside of UCL, I am a Consultant Urological Surgeon with a specialist interest in reconstructive-urology, Female Urology and Andrology

To arrange a meeting with Miss Ivaz, please drop our team an email at medsch.mbbstutors@ucl.ac.uk.



Dr Declan Chard

MBBS Tutor for Electives
Dr Declan Chard

I am a Principal Clinical Research Associate at the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, and an Honorary Consultant Neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square.
I have a long-standing interest in helping people to develop sustainable and rewarding medical careers, and as a post-graduate trainee I chaired the Royal College of Physicians Trainees Committee for several years.

Dr Chard now contributes to the Divisional Tutor's Office at UCL Medical School, leading the electives programme. You can book with him to discuss:

  • Elective planning (inc. costs, references, etc.)
  • Elective approval for exceptional placements
  • Your experience on your elective

To meet with Dr Chard, please make yourself an appointment in Calendly here.


Mr Adrian O'Gorman

MBBS Tutor for Course Interventions, Honorary Associate Clinical Professor, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Adrian O'Gorman

My close affiliation with UCL Medical School started as an undergraduate, studying medicine and qualifying in 1995. After becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2006 and completing my higher surgical training, I was entered into the GMC Specialist Register in 2008. I was appointed Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Whittington Hospital in February 2009, with specialist interests including foot & ankle surgery and medical education.

I have been the Academic Module Lead at the medical school since 2018 and was appointed MBBS Tutor for course interventions in 2022.

As the MBBS Tutor for course-related interventions, you can book with Dr O'Gorman to discuss:

  • Assessment-related interventions (such as deferring)
  • Exceptional leave approvals
  • Extenuating Circumstances
  • Special Circumstances (for placements and allocations)
  • Interruptions of Study

To arrange a meeting with Mr O'Gorman, please drop our team an email at medsch.mbbstutors@ucl.ac.uk.


Dr Farah Paruk

MBBS Tutor for Health
Dr Farah Paruk

I have been a CPP tutor for over 10 years. I am a GP and currently also work in the out of hours service and family planning clinics. I am a GP trainer and I mentor internationally trained GPs. I studied medicine at the Royal Free and still live locally with my husband and 2 kids!

As the MBBS Tutor for health-related matters, you can book with Dr Paruk to discuss:

  • Counselling referrals
  • Occupational Health liaison and referrals
  • Summary of Reasonable Adjustments (SoRAs) and Student Support Cards
  • Special Examination Adjustments for Clinical and Professional Skills Assessments (CPSAs)

To arrange a meeting with Dr Paruk, please drop our team an email at medsch.mbbstutors@ucl.ac.uk.


Dr Daniel Farrar

MBBS Tutor and Deputy Admissions Tutor, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
Dr Daniel Farrar

I have been a consultant at UCLH since 2003 with particular interests in thoracic and craniofacial anaesthesia, and I am the clinical lead for surgical safety.  I have a long involvement in education and training. Having worked as Foundation Training Programme Director and Lead for Foundation Simulation at UCLH, I was appointed Foundation School Director for North Central Thames and North East Central Foundation School. I have many years of experience in supporting and managing medical students and foundation trainees.

As an MBBS Tutor and our Deputy Admissions Tutor, Dr Farrar has responsibilities that include:

  • Supporting the Admissions Lead and processes including events and interviews
  • Post examination counselling and exit interviews
  • Monitoring support to study plans
  • Year 6 support

To arrange a meeting with Dr Farrar, please drop our team an email at medsch.mbbstutors@ucl.ac.uk.


Prof David Walker

MBBS Fitness to Practise Lead
Prof David Walker

I am a clinical academic who splits his time between working in Intensive Care Medicine and Perioperative Medicine at UCLH and working in research and education within the Division of Surgery, UCL. I run a number of MSc programmes and my main interest is the management of high-risk patients undergoing major surgery.

I have for some time been pleased to be involved with the support and mentorship of medical students in all 6 years of the programme, and enjoy meeting up and chatting to the next generation of doctors; it keeps me well educated also! Latterly I have taken on the role of Fitness to Practise Lead, where I have responsibility for:

  • Investigating concerns over medical students' professional behaviour(s) including conduct and health
  • Making referrals and preparing cases and associated documentation for initial Fitness to Practise Panels, and presenting cases at initial Fitness to Practise panels
  • Processing referrals and preparing cases and required documentation for full Fitness to Practise panels, and presenting cases to full Fitness to Practise Panel hearings
  • Monitoring compliance with any FtP conditions imposed on a student

To arrange a meeting with Professor Walker, please email uclms.mbbs-ftp@ucl.ac.uk.


Professional Services Staff:


Alison Crook

Head of MBBS Student Support and Records

I have been with UCLMS for over 20 years and have long experience and in-depth knowledge of curriculum and assessment administration as well as medical student support services and records, having worked closely with the MBBS Senior Leadership Team and Divisional Tutors for many years.


Torey White

Student Support Manager

I joined the UCLMS team in July 2023 after a move from Vancouver, Canada. I have many years working in higher education and enjoy the opportunity to connect with students and help make their university experience as rewarding as possible. Reach out if you ever have questions about bursaries or support avenues; I’m always happy to help!


Sam Wootten

Office of the Divisional Tutor Administrator

I joined the UCLMS team in October 2021.

Sam Wootten

Before this, I graduated from the University of Essex in 2018 with a degree in Psychology and went on to graduate in 2019 with a Master's degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology. Prior to this role I worked in two separate customer service roles in retail and insurance, which allowed me to meet many interesting people and develop my interpersonal skills!

Using my experience in these roles and degrees, I pursued a career in Higher Eduction to provide support and advice to students.

Currently, my responsibilities include booking appointments, sending appointment notes and managing the inbox.

I understand and empathise with the concerns and difficulties that are faced in studying for a degree. If you ever have any concerns, please come to myself or the team and we will look into how to best resolve them, to allow you to reach your potential.


Deborah Caleb

Medical Student Admissions and Visiting Electives Manager
Deborah Caleb

In my role as Medical Student Admissions & Visiting Electives Manager, I am responsible for the management and operational running of Multiple Mini Interviews for prospective medical students, and the Visiting Electives programme. I have a background in Biomedical Science and Global Health so I'm keen on widening participation in higher education, and in the healthcare system.