UCL Medical School


MBBS Curriculum and Assessment management

This section provides contact details for MBBS Management.

Job TitleNameTelephoneExtEmail
Head of MBBS ManagementGaynor Jones  gaynor.jones@ucl.ac.uk
Head of MBBS Management CPP and QATor Wright020 7679 612746127t.wright@ucl.ac.uk
CPP Teaching Co-ordinator Renata Adamcova  r.adamcova@ucl.ac.uk
CPP and Quality Assurance Administrator TBA   
Quality Assurance ManagerKavita Jaidev020 3987 213102131k.jaidev@ucl.ac.uk
Head of MBBS Management Years 1-3Carol Farguson020 7679 0844 40844c.farguson@ucl.ac.uk
Year 1 ManagerAndy Houghton020 7679 968609686a.houghton@ucl.ac.uk
Year 2 ManagerGilda Andreani020 7679 980509805g.andreani@ucl.ac.uk
Y1/Y2 Student Administrator and IBSc Co-ordinatorPiers Pereira020 7679 969309693medsch.mbbsy3@ucl.ac.uk
Head of MBBS Management Years 4-6Paula Raftery020 7679 818808188paula.raftery@ucl.ac.uk
Year 4 Manager Clare Elliott020 3108 671456714medsch.year4@ucl.ac.uk
Y4 and Y6 Student AdministratorMolly Lavender-Rose020 7679 969709697medsch.year4@ucl.ac.uk
Year 5 Manager Helen Groves020 7679 944409444medsch.year5@ucl.ac.uk
Y5 Student Administrator Jelena Bagmanyan020 3987 212102121medsch.year5@ucl.ac.uk
Year 6 Manager Emma Horan020 3987 213002130e.horan@ucl.ac.uk
Head of MBBS Placements and MSEC AdvisorSabine Schutte020 7679 084640846s.schutte@ucl.ac.uk
Whittington UG Centre and Placements Manager (Women's Health)Fiona Rose-Clarke020 3108 893958939f.rose-clarke@ucl.ac.uk
Whittington UG Centre Deputy Manager & Placements Administrator (Y4 Medicine)Wanda D'Arcangelo020 7911 538605386w.d'arcangelo@ucl.ac.uk
Whittington UG Centre and Placements Administrator (O&G and Y5 Medicine)Billie Josef020 3987 213202132b.josef@ucl.ac.uk
Royal Free Trust Education & Placements ManagerSarah Smith020 3108 908059080sarah.a.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Royal Free Placements Administrator (Neuro, Paeds, ENT, Derm, Cancer Med)Sharleen Young020 3108 909859098sharleen.young@ucl.ac.uk
Assessment and Feedback Unit ManagerVicky Clausen-Thue020 8138 797407974v.clausen-thue@ucl.ac.uk