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Student Voice - Amanda Webster

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Amanda Webster is a PhD student in Therapeutic Radiography and works as a Research and Development Specialist Therapeutic Radiographer in the UCLH Radiotherapy Department. As part of World Radiography Day, we asked about her experience working in the field.

What inspired you to work in this field?

I have always loved maths and physics, but I equally love caring for and supporting people. Thus, radiotherapy is perfect for me. It was a guidance counsellor in school who inspired me to study to be a Therapeutic Radiographer.  I knew immediately when I researched Radiation Therapy that it was the field I wanted to work in.

How is Radiography impacting healthcare today?

In both diagnostic and therapeutic radiography, we are positively impacting healthcare. Radiography is essential in diagnosing countless conditions and diseases. Radiation Therapy is an effective cancer treatment for up to 60% of cancer patients.

What’s the most exciting development in the field?

In the 10 years, I have worked in Radiotherapy I have witnessed immeasurable developments in trials, technology and the workforce. As a Therapeutic Radiographer, I am really excited about the role development for our profession. More Radiographers are working in advanced practice and at consultant-level roles. I am particularly excited about Therapeutic Radiographers embarking on undertaking PhDs, and there is a growing network of us doing so.