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UCL Researchers complete podcast series on radiotherapy treatment for young people

2 January 2024

Woman receiving Radiation Therapy Treatments for Cancer

This special series of 6 podcast episodes, funded by the UCL Beacon Bursary brings together researchers and patients to share the experiences of young people who have been diagnosed with cancer and to raise awareness of radiotherapy and radiation research.

Listen to the episodes here:

  1. Brain Tumours, Survivorship and Research with Jesse and Jamie
  2. Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Research with Michaela and Patrycja
  3. Total Body Irradiation and Patient Voice in Research with Elly and Amanda
  4. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with Helen and Catarina
  5. Germ Cell Cancer with Elena and Gemma
  6. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with Sophie and Rebecca

The funding from the UCL Beacon Bursary builds on the public engagement project, Radiation Reveal, funded by CRUK RadNet City of London, which held a number of focus groups with teenagers and young adults (TYAs) diagnosed with cancer. Through these discussions, the researchers learned that less is known about radiotherapy compared to other cancer treatments. The focus groups also highlighted that TYAs felt they lacked peer support and often found themselves too old for children’s services but among the youngest in adult services.

Led by UCL Researcher, Dr Jamie Dean, the series was hosted by Rad Chat, a multi-award winning, therapeutic radiographer-led oncology podcast, designed for cancer patients, healthcare professionals, academics and researchers.

Listen to more about the Radiation Reveal project here: RadChat - E47: Dr Lisa Whittaker - Radiation Reveal Project

UCL Beacon Bursary Lead Applicant: Dr Jamie Dean (UCL)

Co-Applicants: Dr Catarina Veiga (UCL) and Dr Lisa Whittaker (KCL)