Centre for Medical Imaging


Grants achieved by CMI

A list of projects completed from years 2006 - 2021 by principal investigators of CMI.

CMI Principal InvestigatorPositionProject titleFunderDuration (months) YearGrant award
Professor Steve Halligan

Chief Investigator

Prognostic model of ventral hernia recurrenceNIHR RfPB24



Biomarkers in Crohns diseaseNIHR HTA182016£248,773
NIHR Senior Investigator AwardNIHR482013

£15,000 PA to investigator

£75,000 PA to Trust
SIGGAR trials of CT colonographyNIHR HTA242012£1,858,578
Programme Grant: Interventions for more accurate & efficient diagnosis of colorectal cancerNIHR362008£1,529,281


Motility in Crohn's DiseaseNIHR EME362016£900,437
METRIC Extension NIHR HTA 362016£347,882
PERFECTSSt. Mark's Charity 362016£405,760
MROCNIHR HTA482015£1,270,660
Arts AwardWellcome Trust362015£39,870
Development of TIPS microspheres 

Wellcome Trust


SOCCER studyNIHR HTA 11/136/120242013£203,495
METRIC studyNIHR HTA 11/23/01422012£973,839
STREAMLINE studyNIHR HTA 10/68/01482011£1,057,175
Whole-body MRI in lymphomaCRUK Biomarkers & Imaging Discovery362011£107,659
MR-Guided Interventional cancer treatmentWolfson Foundation482011£1,250,00
PROSPECT studyNIHR HTA 09/22/49482010£1,365,305
CT colonography to colonoscopy registrationMedicsight PLC362010£411,000
Multimodal Clinical Imaging Resource for Translational MedicineNIHR482009£1,075,000
Comprehensive Cancer ImagingCRUK/EPSRC602008£8,000,000
CREST trialCRUK602007£425,000
Multiscale, multidimensional imagingMRC362006£326,000
Professor Stuart Taylor


Clinical PIQuantitative Reporting In Crohn’s Disease: Maximising Available MRI Data To Better Direct Patient Treatment, Speed Up Treatment Decisions And Improve Healthcare Outcomes 2020-2023 (academic lead)Innovate UK362020£1,574,006
Real World Evidence Driving Changes in Crohn’s Disease Management Using Quantitative Imaging AnalysisNIHR i41362020£1,063,499
Evaluation of Crohn’s disease activity with MRI-adding value though quantitative assessment of intestinal motilityNIHR i41362017£685,467
Co-CIMRI enterography as a predictor of disabling disease in newly diagnosed Crohn's diseaseNIHR HTA602016£358,183
Small bowel motility quantified by cine MRI as a predictor of response to biological therapyNIHR EME122016£896,292
Co-ApplicantAssessment of gut transit in paediatric constipation without ionizing radiation: Magnetic Resonance Imaging transit minicapsules and methods 2 (MAGIC2) (2019-2022)NIHR EME362019£1,224,841
Reclassifying constipation using MRI and high-resolution manometryMRC482016£1,225,971
Impact of multiparametric MRI on staging and management decisions in women with ovarian cancer Short title: MR in Ovarian Cancer (MROC study)NIHR   
Professor Shonit PunwaniPrincipal InvestigatorNovel microstructural (VERDICT and T2 mapping) and metabolic (hyperpolarised 13C-Pyruvate) MR in diagnosis, risk-stratification and treatment response assessment of prostate cancerCRUK602018£2,321,544.59
Developing MRI Magmetic Susceptibility-Based Cancer Oxygenation Mapping (SBCOM) and Investigating its Clinical Potential to Measure Hypoxia in Prostrate Cancer (PCa)CRUK362018£450,000
Establishment of BRC Imaging Trial UnitNIHR602017£800,000
BBSRC PhD Case StudentshipBBSRC482017£100,000
Standardisation of Prostate Multi-parametric MRI across UCL PartnersLondon Cancer482016£120,000
Imaging Trial Support Funding UCLH482016£400,000
Establishment of Hyperpolariser Probe GMP Facility NIHR362016£254,000
CombIning advaNces in imagiNg with biOmarkers for improVed diagnosis of Aggressive prosTate cancer (INNOVATE)        Prostate Cancer UK482015£534,000
Co-ILearning MRI and histology image mappings for cancer diagnosis and prognosisEPSRC362018£774,000
The exploitation of a novel image-based risk stratification tool in early prostate cancer - the Re-IMAGINE Consortium MRC602018£6,300,000
Development and evaluation of machine learning methods in whole body magnetic resonance imaging with diffusion weighted imaging for staging of patients with cancer. (MAchine Learning In whole Body Oncology, MALIBO) NIHR EME362015£578,000
GLINT - developing Gluco-CEST MRIHorizon 2020602015€6,400,000
Professor Margaret Hall-CraggsPrincipal InvestigatorImaging Biomarkers of Inflammation in Adolescents: Development and Technical ValidationUCLH Fast Track Grant122016£28,500
Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging in juvenile idiopathic arthritisRadiology Research Trust242015£6,000
Validation of an objective biomarker of inflammation of the sacroiliac joints in adolescents with juvenile idiopathic arthritis to quantify treatment responseUCLH BRC182015£75,395
Co-InvestigatorMELAMAG Trial: SentiMAG Melanoma. Sentinel Node Biopsy using Magnetic Nanoparticles: A prospective multicentre feasibility non-randomised clinical trial to compare sentinel node biopsy using magnetic nanoparticles vs. standard techniqueTechnology Strategy Board Grant (Biomedical Research)362013£118,000
SentiMAG Multicentre Trial: Sentinel Node Biopsy using Magnetic Nanoparticles: A prospective multicentre phase II non-randomised clinical trial to compare sentinel node biopsy using magnetic nanoparticles vs. standard technique. Endomagnetics362013£120,000
Adolescent hip disease: biomarkers, morphology and PROMS in a longitudinal studyOrthopaedic research UK242013£99,817
Derivation and internal validation of a clinical decision rule to predict in newborns clinically important hip dysplasia at a minimum of 2 yearsNIHR, Research for Patient Benefit Programme242013£282,877
Professor David AtkinsonPrincipal InvestigatorTowards Reliable Diffusion MRI of Moving OrgansEPSRC482011£580,000
Impact PhD StudentshipNIHR/UCL482010£48,000
Time-resolved whole-heart cardiac imaging using highly parallel magnetic resonanceEPSRC362007£360,000
HPC Software for Medical ImagingEPSRC242007£468,000

Exploiting the unique quantitative capabilities offered by simultaneous PET/MRI

+Impact Award for 4 PhD studentships.



Intelligent Imaging: Motion, Form and Function Across ScaleEPSRC602010£6,000,000
Project GrantBHF122012£58,000
The UCL Centre for Medical Image ComputingEPSRC Platform Grant 602006£418,000