Centre for Medical Imaging


Grants achieved by CMI

Impressive list of projects completed from years 2006 - 2017 by principal investigators of CMI.

CMI Principal InvestigatorPositionProject titleFunderDuration (months) YearGrant award
Professor Steve Halligan

Chief Investigator

NIHR Senior Investigator AwardNIHR48


£15,000 PA to investigator

£75,000 PA to Trust

SIGGAR trials of CT colonographyNIHR HTA242012£1,858,578
Programmae Grant: Interventions for m ore accurate & efficient diagnosis of colorectal cancerNIHR362008£1,529,281

Development of TIPS microspheres

Wellcome Trust

SOCCER studyNIHR HTA 11/136/120242013£203,495
METRIC studyNIHR HTA 11/23/01422012£973,839
STREAMLINE studyNIHR HTA 10/68/01482011£1,057,175
Whole-body MRI in lymphomaCRUK Biomarkers & Imaging Discovery362011£107,659
MR-Guided Interventional cancer treatmentWolfson Foundation482011£1,250,000
PROSPECT studyNIHR HTA 09/22/49482010£1,365,305
CT colonography to colonoscopy registrationMedicsight PLC362010£411,000
Multimodal Clinical Imaging Resource for Translational MedicineNIHR482009£1,075,000
Comprehensive Cancer Imaging CRUK/EPSRC602008£8,000,000
CREST trialCRUK602007£425,000
Multiscale, multidimensional imagingMRC362006£326,000
Professor Stuart TaylorChief InvestigatorWhole body functional and anatomical MRI: Accuracy in staging and treatment response monitoring in Adolescent Hodgkin's LymphomaCRUK362011£90,375
Co-applicantVIrtual GastrOintestinal tRact VIGOR++European FP7 STREP482010€3,000,000

Dr Andrew Plumb

Chief InvestigatorWhat is the role of CT colonography in the English NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme?RCR Kodak Research Fund242012£19,468
Use of CT CT colonography in the English NHS Bowel Cancer Screening ProgrammeUCL Graduate Research Scholarship362012£61,770
Development of photoacoustic tomography for human lymph node imagingUCL/UCLH BRC182015£89,326
Dr Shonit PunwaniPrincipal InvestigatorWellcome Trust ISSF award in support of MRC CRI AwardWellcome Trust122015£100,000
Clinical research fellow for UCLH Research Support UCLH122015£30,000
Clinical Research Infrastructure AwardMRC242014£5,300,000
Enabling high-impact multi-disciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic imaging researchNIHR BRC362013£286,308 
Establishment of cancer research 3T MRI facilityWolfson Foundationn/a2011£1,300,000
Research assistant salary for support of NIHR cancer radiology trials (Primary Applicant)       NIHR BRC122010£34,000 
Development of research computer infrastructure and RECIST reporting for cancer radiology trials     Comprehensive Local Research Network 122010£45,000
Evaluation of BLADE-MRI for the detection of pulmonary metastases in paediatric and adolescent bone tumours              RCR482009£9,000
Utility of diffusion, BOLD and dynamic contrast enhanced MRI for evaluating post-treatment residual tissue in head and neck cancer     RCR482009£10,500
MRI assessment of liver blood flow characteristics – a correlation with standard liver assessmentRadiological Research Trust242008£10,000
Structural and functional evaluation of mediastinal nodal disease in lung cancer using MRIRadiological Research Trust242008£10,000
Assessment of colonic disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease using MRI colonographyUCLH 242008£24,389 
Whole body and functional MRI to stage, restage and assess chemotherapy response in childhood and adolescent lymphoma.Radiological Research Trust242007£5,000 
Local PIPET/MRI guided RadiOtherapy for Post-Prostatectomy Salvage (PROPS)Movember362013$1,000,000
Development of Novel MRI Methods for Cancer Imaging                          Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre EPSRC/CRUK 242012£50,000
Clinical Research Fellow in Cancer ImagingComprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre                            EPSRC/CRUK242012£140,000 
Co-InvestigatorBRC Computational Imaging InfrastructureNIHR BRC482013£700,000
Feasibility of using whole body PET-MRI to stage and restage paediatric and adolescent Hodgkin Lymphoma a pilot studyGreat Ormond Street Hospital Charity242013£100,000
A phase II trial of endoscopic ultrasound-guided radiofrequency ablation of cystic tumours of the pancreas (RADIOCYST)NIHR RfPB242013£319,236
Exploiting the unique quantitative capabilities offered by simultaneous PET/MRIEPSRC362013£1,300,000
KCL/UCL Comprehensive Cancer Imaging CentreEPSRC/CRUK602013£7,400,000
Diagnostic accuracy for the extent and activity of newly diagnosed and relapsed Crohn’s    disease: Multicentre prospective comparison of Magnetic resonance imaging and small bowel ultrasoundNIHR HTA 362012£1,050,000
Comprehensive staging of newly diagnosed lung and colorectal cancer: Prospective multicentre comparison of whole body MRI with standard diagnostic imaging pathwaysNIHR HTA 362012£1,460,000
Whole body functional and anatomical MRI: Accuracy in staging and treatment response monitoring in Adolescent Hodgkin’s Lymphoma compared to conventional multi-modality imaging CRUK362010£107,000
PhD student salary for support of 3T MRINIHR BRC 2010£45,000
The natural history of signal changes within the prostate after trans-rectal biopsy using multi-sequence magnetic resonance imaging Radiological Research Trust182010£14,000
Feasibility assessment of co-registered anatomical and functional MRI/conventional CT intensity modulated radiotherapy treatment planning for squamous head and neck cancers RCR482009£18,450
Development, Validation and Clinical Translation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging evaluation of the Hepatic Arterial Buffer Response using a rat model of cirrhosis MRC242008£17,000
Whole-body and functional MRI to stage, restage and assess chemotherapy response in childhood and adolescent lymphoma RCR242007£10,000
Professor Margaret Hall-CraggsPrincipal InvestigatorImaging Biomarkers of Inflammation in Adolescents: Development and Technical ValidationUCLH Fast Track Grant122016£28,500
Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging in juvenile idiopathic arthritisRadiology Research Trust242015£6,000
Validation of an objective biomarker of inflammation of the sacroiliac joints in adolescents with juvenile idiopathic arthritis to quantify treatment responseUCLH BRC182015£75,395
Co-InvestigatorMELAMAG Trial: SentiMAG Melanoma. Sentinel Node Biopsy using Magnetic Nanoparticles: A prospective multicentre feasibility non-randomised clinical trial to compare sentinel node biopsy using magnetic nanoparticles vs. standard techniqueTechnology Strategy Board Grant (Biomedical Research)362013£118,000
SentiMAG Multicentre Trial: Sentinel Node Biopsy using Magnetic Nanoparticles: A prospective multicentre phase II non-randomised clinical trial to compare sentinel node biopsy using magnetic nanoparticles vs. standard technique. Endomagnetics362013£120,000
Adolescent hip disease: biomarkers, morphology and PROMS in a longitudinal studyOrthopaedic research UK242013£99,817
Derivation and internal validation of a clinical decision rule to predict in newborns clinically important hip dysplasia at a minimum of 2 yearsNIHR, Research for Patient Benefit Programme242013£282,877
Dr David AtkinsonPrincipal InvestigatorTowards Reliable Diffusion MRI of Moving OrgansEPSRC482011£580,000
Impact PhD StudentshipNIHR/UCL482010£48,000
Time-resolved whole-heart cardiac imaging using highly parallel magnetic resonanceEPSRC362007£360,000
HPC Software for Medical ImagingEPSRC242007£468,000

Exploiting the unique quantitative capabilities offered by simultaneous PET/MRI

+Impact Award for 4 PhD studentships.



Intelligent Imaging: Motion, Form and Function Across ScaleEPSRC602010£6,000,000
Project GrantBHF122012£58,000
The UCL Centre for Medical Image ComputingEPSRC Platform Grant 602006£418,000