Mechanical Engineering



Find out more about our research and how our academics and researchers are changing the world.

UCL Mechanical Engineering is home to diverse, world-leading engineering research in the Biomechanical, Energy and the Environment, Marine and Materials and Structures & Manufacturing fields. 

Two people with a robot hand

Biomechanical Engineering

Engaging directly with medical clinicians and the biomedical industry, this group applies mechanical engineering principles and materials science to the study of biomedical systems.

Fuel pump

Energy and the Environment

From new fuel technologies and IC engines, to turbomachinery and air-conditioning, the Energy and Environment group dedicates itself to numerous fields of transformational research



Applying their specialist expertise to supporting the marine and naval sector, members of the marine research group have won multiple awards for their role as key players in the field.

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Materials, Structures and Manufacturing

Dedicated to developing new materials and structures, this research group prides itself on its strong industrial collaborations and cross-disciplinary awareness.