Mechanical Engineering


Materials, Structures and Manufacturing

To create, characterise and model the next generation of materials and structures, to transform the world into a sustainable and healthy society.

Person in gearMaterials and structures underpin engineering: we use them to make everything from buildings to medical implants, phones to ice cream. Our group designs and characterises the performance of these material systems at different scales using a range of techniques.

Examples include synchrotron X-rays, mechanical testing, analytics modelling, AI methods, prototyping and full-scale implementation. We have strong industrial collaborations and strengths in cross-disciplinary topics, such as Materials and Manufacturing for Healthcare, Additive Manufacturing and Food and Plastic Waste.

Research methodologies

  • Tissue engineering
  • Regenerative biology and medicine
  • Biological models
  • Computer simulation; Advanced imaging and image processing; Material characterisation
  • Novel manufacturing routes
  • Smart & Automated Nanomanufacturing Technologies with AI (SANTA)
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Evaluation

Key impact and application areas

  • Biological models
  • Drug screening
  • Drug development
  • Craniofacial development and evolution; Craniosynostosis; Orthopaedic trauma; medical devices
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Composite Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing

Researchers and Academics

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Research Groups

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The Repairability Revolution

Professor of Materials and Society Mark Miodownik gives an entertaining talk on the colossal waste of the 'planned obsolescence' of consumer goods and the urgent need for a "repairability revolution."

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