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Spring into STEM | Inkjet Printing: A Manufacturing Technique of the Future | Virtual Lecture Series

16 March 2023, 12:00 pm–12:30 pm

a woman standin in industrial scale inkjet printing

In this webinar, Dr J Rafael Castrejon-Pita explains how inkjet printing has evolved from a desktop application to an industrial manufacturing method.

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Mykal Riley – UCL Mechanical Engineering

Over the last few years, inkjet printing has evolved from a desktop application to an industrial manufacturing method that is capable of printing patterns at speeds in the few meters per second range.  

Inkjet printing has gone from printing graphics on paper, to printing patterns and textures on ceramics, electronics, fabrics, food, labels, plastics, and biomaterials. In addition, modern inkjet systems are the base of various 3D printing methods and their applications are only going to get wider due its intrinsic advantages; it is efficient and wasteless as you only print what you need, it is digital as it does not require a template, and it is non-contact as the printhead is not in contact with the substrate. In fact, the UK is a hub for research and development of inkjet systems; the aim is to extend the use of inkjet beyond ink, to print electronics, glues, varnish, paints, metals, cells, etc. 

Inkjet printing uses small fast droplets to produce its patterns; understanding their dynamics require a deep understanding of fluid mechanics and its study requires state of art equipment. In this virtual talk, Prof Rafa Castrejon-Pita will explore the basic principles of inkjet printing and provide examples of current research projects aiming to expand our understanding of droplet dynamics as to expand inkjet compatibility to highly viscous liquids, biofluids and other complex fluids. 

Format: 20 minutes talk / 10 minutes Q&A

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About the Speaker

Dr J Rafael Castrejon-Pita

Lecturer/Associate Professor in Manufacturing Innovation & Enterprise at UCL Mechanical Engineering

Dr JR Castrejon-Pita

Dr JR Castrejon-Pita, UCL Mechanical Engineering

J. Rafael Castrejón-Pita (CoI, JRCP) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London (UCL). Rafael’s career includes a PhD from Imperial College, and 9 years in the University of Cambridge as an Isaac Newton Trust fellow.

Rafael currently leads two two-years Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in collaboration with Archipelago Technology and Xaar pl (both inkjet companies), and co-leads the EPSRC Special Interest Group in Droplet dynamics. Rafael’s activities are focused on the science of droplets, inkjet and manufacturing. Rafael’s research is often covered by the wider international media such as the New Scientist, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, Physics Focus, Physics World, Wired, and The Engineer.  

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