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Research Funding and Support

For more information or sign up to the various funding alerts, help finding and winning funding opportunities, see the following resources.


Research funding


MAPS Faculty Funding Alert Bulletin(FAB) 

These are monthly bulletins providing news on selected funding opportunities, training programmes and various events for MAPS colleagues. They are distributed by your departments.

UCL Research, Innovation and Global Engagement Funding (RIGE)

The Office of the UCL Vice-Provost (Research, Innovation & Global Engagement) - VP RIGE - seeks to maximise UCL's positive research and innovation impact on the world. They fund and support projects across a wide range of UCL activities.

BEAMS Research Coordination Office(RCO)

The BEAMS RCO can help you to identify research-funding opportunities, develop strong research proposals, and improve your grant-writing skills. You can book one-to-one appointment for proposal review and mock interviews. See also the other two research coordination offices if your research area strides across the schools: SLMS (Law, Arts and Humanities, Education) and LMS (Life and Medical Sciences.)

UCL European Research and Innovation Office(ERIO)

ERIO’s goal is to keep UCL at the forefront of European collaboration in research and innovation. They provide a range of professional services to the UCL community, particularly in relation to Horizon Europe. Their services include: funding opportunities, proposal development, contract setting up and project management. They also run weekly drop in session on Fridays.

UCL Research and Innovation Portal

This Portal is for academic and project researchers and professional service staff to find guidance and resources for delivering high-quality research and innovation projects at UCL. You can find out what you need to do at each point during your project.

UCL Developing Grants and Fellowships Sharepoint

This Sharepoint provides resources and guidance (e.g., bitesize videos, interviews, documents, etc.) to help your grant applications and career progressing.