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Contextual offers at UCL

A contextual offer is when a university offers a student a place on their course with lower grade requirements then the standard offer.

Research has shown that a student's circumstances can have an impact on their academic performance. In recognition of this, universities will sometimes make an offer to students that is lower than the standard entry requirements for the course. 

Does UCL offer contextual offers? 

Yes. UCL runs a contextual offer scheme called Access UCL. This is aimed at students from groups that are currently underrepresented at UCL. Eligible students who successfully complete the Access UCL scheme will receive a reduced offer. 

Am I eligible for a contextual offer?

You may be eligible for an Access UCL reduced offer if you attend a UK state school, and are estranged from your family; if you are a young carer; or if you live in an area which has a high level of financial, social or economic deprivation, or a traditionally low progression rate to higher education. You may also be eligible if you have spent time living in care.

To see if you could be eligible for a contextual offer complete the eligibility calculator in the academic year you are applying (late September onwards), as criteria and datasets are updated each year. 

Where can I find out what the contextual offer for my chosen course is?

Contextual offer entry requirements for each course can be found on each contextual offer prospectus page

Will I be treated differently if I attend UCL as an access student?

You will not be treated differently by any staff at UCL, you will however be given additional opportunities that other students don't have . For example, you will be eligible to join UCL’s Career Extra as well as additional bursaries. 

How do I apply for a contextual offer?

Those who are eligible due to their postcode data will automatically be identified through their UCAS application form. If you are eligible by belonging to one of the other underrepresented groups then please visit the submission of evidence section. 

Where can I find out more information?

If you would like to find out more about the Access UCL scheme please visit our website. If you have any additional questions about the Access UCL scheme, or your eligibility, contact wp.accessucl@ucl.ac.uk.

Get in contact:

Email: wp.accessucl@ucl.ac.uk