Administrative staff


  • Professor Andrew Reynolds. Research interests: the archaeology of early medieval societies in north-western Europe. Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the early middle ages, landscape archaeology and state formation.


  • Dr Marilyn Corrie. Research interests: English and French literature of the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries; manuscripts produced in England in this period; later medieval English literature, including Lydgate and Malory; interactions between clerical teaching and Middle English literature.
  • Professor Susan Irvine. Research interests: Research interests: Old English prose literature and language, especially those of King Alfred's court in the last part of the ninth century; late Old English manuscripts and their implications for literary activity in English in the transitional period between Old and Middle English; the use of rhetoric in Old English poetry.
  • Dr Natalie Jones. Research interests: Middle English literature, especially devotional literature and the religious lyric; the relationship between text and image in Old and Middle English literature; the patristic sources of Old and Middle English literature; Middle English devotional manuscripts and book history; Middle English language and dialect. 
  • Professor Richard North.  Research interests: Old English semantics, Old English elegiac and heroic poetry, including Beowulf, Old Icelandic pre-Christian Eddic and Skaldic poetry, including Haustlǫng and Thórsdrápa, Anglo-Saxon paganism and Old Norse mythology, Sagas of Icelanders, including Víga-Glúms saga, the world of Faerie in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.


  • Dr Jane Gilbert.  Research interests: medieval French and English literature, especially narrative; constructions of identity; Narcissus, mirrors, doubles and the uncanny; comparative literature; literary theory, especially gender, queer theory, anthropology, psychoanalysis.
  • Dr Thibaut Maus de Rolley. Research interests: Renaissance literature and thought; comparative literature (French, Italian, Spanish); narrative fiction; early modern demonology and witchcraft; travel writing; literature and geography; the early modern imagination of space; history of science. 


  • Dr Sebastian Coxon.  Research interests: short comic narratives of the later Middle Ages; laughter, jest and ridicule in courtly and urban culture; medieval drama; Wolfram von Eschenbach's 'Parzival'.

Hebrew & Jewish Studies

  • Dr François Guesnet. Research interests: European Jewish history in the early modern and modern period; Jewish political culture.
  • Dr Hilary Pomeroy.
  • Dr Israel Sandman. Medieval Jewish thought, including biblical interpretation, philosophy, and mysticism; and medieval Hebrew manuscript study. In particular: Hebrew scribality in medieval Italy and the possibility of institutionally organised copying; relations between Jewish and Christian biblical interpretation in text and in art.


  • Professor David d'Avray (FBA). Research interests: medieval marriage; preaching; papacy; rationalities.

    Dr Simon Corcoran. Research interests: Roman legal history in the late antique and mediaeval periods (see also the Projet Volterra)

  • Dr Marie-Pierre Gelin.  Research interests: Research interests: English monastic and church history 1000-1250, visual culture, Canterbury Cathedral, relics and identity.
  • Dr Angus Gowland. Research interests: Renaissance psychology, medicine, politics, ethics, and rhetoric; theories of melancholy and dreaming in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
  • Dr Marigold Norbye.  Research interests: palaeography and codicology; medieval vernacular chronicles; thirteenth century French, English and Italian history.
  • Dr Sophie Page.  Research interests: medieval cultural history, especially the occult sciences (magic, astrology and alchemy) and their relationships to mainstream religion, natural philosophy, medicine and cosmology; the history of animals.
  • Dr Nigel Ramsay.  Research interests: monastic archives in England and France (formation, dispersal and interpretation, see also the English Monastic Archives project); the law and its practitioners, in medieval England.
  • Dr Benet Salway. Research interests: late Roman history; Roman law and its medieval reception (see also the Projet Volterra)
  • Dr John Sabapathy (MARS Degree Tutor). Research interests: twelfth and thirteenth century Europe; scholasticism; accountability; institutions.
  • Dr Antonio Sennis. Research interests: Research interests: space and memory, monastic chronicles, the destruction of documents, physical representations of rulers and medieval identities.

History, SSEES

  • Dr Sergei Bogatyrev. Medieval Russia; Muscovite court culture; cross-cultural contacts in Early Modern Europe, Ivan the Terrible.

History of Art

  • Dr Maria Loh. Research interests: early modern portraiture, biography, and artistic practice; affect, sensation, horror, and visceral spectatorship in early modern visual culture.
  • Dr Rose Marie San Juan. Research interests: Early modern Italian art and culture (especially Rome and Naples); the reconception of the visual image through travel, cross-cultural exchange, and the emergence of natural history and cabinets of curiosities.
  • Dr Robert Mills. Research interests: Medieval visual culture; representations of pain and punishment; saints; gender and sexuality; animal studies; translation
  • Dr Alison Wright.  Research interests: Italian painting, sculpture and drawing / design from the 14th to the earlier 16th century, focussing on  artistic practice, functions, patronage, questions of ideology and reception.


  • Dr Catherine Keen. Research interests: Dante’s Commedia and minor works; the vernacular lyric from the Sicilians to Petrarch; medieval urban culture, political literature and chronicles; the theme of exile in early Italian verse.
  • Dr Chiara Franceschini. Research interests: Early Modern European History; History of Christianity 1300-1700; Renaissance art; Iconography/Iconology
  • Professor Dilwyn Knox.  Research interests: medieval and Renaissance philosophy (particularly Marsilio Ficino and Giordano Bruno); Renaissance humanism, rhetoric, pedagogy, cosmology and Copernicanism.
  • Professor John Took.  Research interests: Dante; Italian literature and medieval philosophy and theology.

Scandinavian Studies

  • Dr Haki Antonsson.  Research interests: The history and culture of Scandinavia between c. 900 and c. 1300; the Christianization of Scandinavia; cultural interaction between the British Isles and Scandinavia.


  • Dr Alexander Samson.  Research interests: literature, culture and history of early modern Spain and Latin America.

Associated academic staff from other London University Colleges and Institutes

  • Professor Peter Mack (FBA), Director, the Warburg Institute, Professor of the History of the Classical Tradition. Research interests: the history of logic and rhetoric in the renaissance.
  • Carlotta Dionisotti, Classics, King's College. Research interests: medieval Latin; history of scholarship.

The MARS MA also has a longstanding collaborative teaching relationship with the medieval historians at King's College London

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