MARS in the Media

Our staff are involved in a variety of world-leading research that is picked up by various media outlets.

Angels, Demons and Hungry Dogs
Professor Sophie Page

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Sophie Page, Professor in History at UCL, takes us back to the Middle Ages to explore how medieval people imagined the cosmos and their own world as swarming with invisible spirits, like angels and demons. From a 12th century pious magic text and a 15th century demon conjuring manual to medical illustrations and the natural magic of mandrake roots, this short film offers a glimpse into the beautifully unorthodox side of the medieval European imagination. 

Medieval Languages of Persuasion
Dr Antonio Sennis

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Divine letters, supernatural visions and apocalyptic curses were often successfully employed by medieval clerics to persuade their counterparts to do what they wanted them to do. This lecture explores how these tools of persuasion responded to a Medieval cultural logic.


Coronavirus: The Whole Story
Professor John Sabapathy

What does the black death, HIV, and Covid-19 have in common? This week we're looking into the past, teasing apart the surprising similarities and learnings from previous pandemics - HIV/ AIDS in the 1980s and the Black Death in the 14th century.

Playing Beowulf

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We've seen books and comics turned into films and plays and vice versa, but have you seen a poem become a video game? A project team funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council has developed a game-authoring tool based on the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf, interpreting the text into playable characters, landscapes and events.