MARS Alumni Futures

Our graduates go on to varied and exciting careers. Below is a selection of their destinations; non-academic careers have been highlighted in bold.

  1. Quan Gan full PhD scholarship University of Texas at Austin.

  2. Giulia Bellato full scholarship Trinity College Cambridge; subsequently won Trinity JRF. 

  3. Xinmeng Lu working for PhD, Anglo-Saxon Celtic and Old Norse, St Catherine’s College Cambridge. 

  4. Jack Ford, fully funded PhD UCL.

  5. Clotilde Lemarie working for Cambridge PhD on medieval Grammatical texts.

  6. Ollie Palethorpe, Civil Service Fast-streamer, Ministry of Defence.

  7. Simon Smets, scholarships to Bolzmann Neo-Latin Institut, Austria, then PhD in Greek and Latin Department, UCL.

  8. Katie Pangonis, published Queens of Jerusalem, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 2021, and Twilight Cities. Lost Capitals of the Mediterranean, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 2023.

  9. Elena Rossi, D.Phil. candidate in medieval History, Magdalen College Oxford, full scholarship.

  10. Elliot Benbow, PhD candidate QM, full scholarship.

  11. Matthew Coneys, PhD Warwick, full scholarship; lecturer in languages and palaeography, Warburg Institute.

  12. Liam Fitzgerald, fully funded PhD, Kings.

  13. Giles Connolly, funded PhD, University of Birmingham.

  14. Rachael Thorn, BBC reporter in Beirut.

  15. Ryan Low, Marshall Scholar, took Manuscripts and Documents Course informally, now completing fully funded PhD, Harvard University. low@g.harvard.edu.

  16. Alexander Good, PhD in medieval History, UCL.

  17. Katherine Emery, fully funded PhD at Kings College, about to take up British Academy Postdoc, Cambridge.

  18. Karel Fraaije, fully funded PhD UCL.

  19. Lois Lane, fully funded PhD in Medieval History Kings, now a Barrister, Cornerstone Barristers.

  20. Adrian Cornell du Houx, PhD (funded I think) University of Lancaster.

  21. Benedict Wiedemann, fully funded PhD UCL, JRF Fitzwilliam College Cambridge.

  22. Emilia Henderson, fully funded PhD University of Leicester with British Library.

  23. Hazel Blair, fully funded PhD University of Lausanne.

  24. Jane Sinnet-Smith, fully funded PhD in Medieval Literature, Warwick.

  25. Jon Wright, completing PhD in Department of Anglo-Saxon Celtic and Old Norse, Cambridge.

  26. Sukanya Raisharma, completed fully funded PhD in Medieval History at St Johns College Oxford.

  27. Agata Zielinska, fully funded PhD, UCL.

  28. Emma Zürcher, fully funded PhD, UCL.

  29. Patricia Stewart, PhD St Andrews.

  30. Charlotte Kennedy, PhD St Andrews.

  31. Francesca Petrizzo, completed PhD, University of Leeds.

  32. Mae Lyons Penner, fully funded PhD in Comparative Literature, Stanford University.

  33. Dickon Whitewood works for Royal Armoury.

  34. Cecil Reid, completed PhD in medieval History, QM.

  35. Ben Savill, completed PhD in Medieval History, Oxford; currently Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, Freie Universität Berlin. His England and the Papacy in the Early Middle Ages has just appeared in the Oxford Historical Monographs series.

  36. Justin Perring, Commercial Chancery Barrister, New Square Chambers.

  37. Julia King, fully funded PhD University of Bergen, Rare Books Librarian Lambeth Palace Library.

  38. Felicity Hill, fully funded PhD, University of East Anglia, JRF Cambridge, Lecturer in Medieval History, University of St Andrews.

  39. Antonia Fitzpatrick, fully funded PhD UCL, JRF St Johns College Oxford, Departmental Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Oxford, Barrister, Monckton Chambers. Published Thomas Aquinas on Bodily Identity (OUP, 2017).

  40. Barbara Gaspar, fully funded PhD, UCL.

  41. Karen Stark, funded PhD, Central European University (completed 2022).

  42. Ella Cullen, fully funded PhD, UCL.

  43. Michelle Hufschmidt, completed Oxford DPhil.

  44. Kate Jarvis, Museum Assistant, British Museum, currently Keeper of the Newt Collections.

  45. Alexandra Lee, took Manuscripts and Documents, PhD UCL.

  46. James Norrie, DPhil Oxford, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of Birmingham.

  47. Jackie Derrick, doing PhD, UCL.

  48. Emily Corran, PhD UCL, JRF, St Johns College Oxford, Lecturer in History UCL.

  49. Emma Bowen, Barrister, Nautica Law LLP.

  50. Albert Fenton, PhD Cambridge, Seminar leader Anglo Saxon Celtic and Old Norse Department, Cambridge.

  51. Linda Lockyer, PhD Warburg Institute.

  52. Rachel Freeman, Archivist, Lambeth Palace.

  53. Matthew Ross, fully funded PhD, UCL.