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Dr Upkar Gill

I am a clinical research fellow undertaking a PhD, supervised by Dr Patrick Kennedy (Centre for Digestive Diseases, QMUL) and Professor Mala Maini (UCL).


I initially joined as an Academic Clinical Fellow and have been investigating innate immune responses in patients undergoing treatment for Chronic Hepatitis B (CHB). The long-term aim is to assess adaptive and innate immune interactions in CHB treated patients in order to delineate optimal treatment regimes and endpoints. This work is done using HBV lymphocytes from patients undergoing treatment at the Royal London Hospital.


With the clinical experience and supervision of Patrick Kennedy along with the expertise from Mala Maini and the group, this affiliation provides me with an excellent platform to carry out basic immunology research with translational benefit; bridging basic science with clinical outcome in Hepatitis B.

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Dr Kasha Singh

I am an Infectious Diseases and General physician now undertaking a PhD looking at the pathogenesis of accelerated liver disease in HIV-hepatitis B coinfection.

Originally from Australia, I currently work with Professor Sharon Lewin and Dr Megan Crane who are based at Monash University, Melbourne.

kasha singh