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Professor Mala Maini

I am Professor of Viral Immunology in the Division of Infection and Immunity at University College London, also working as a Consultant Physician in a viral hepatitis clinic. My research has always been closely informed by the patients I see in my clinics and the samples they generously donate for our work.

I obtained my specialist medical accreditation in 1995 and my PhD, funded by an MRC Clinical Training Fellowship, in the lab of Peter Beverley (ICRF, London) in 1998. A unifying theme in my research training has been the T cell immunology of persistent viral infections in humans (from EBV to HIV and then HBV). Whilst funded by the Edward Jenner Institute to work on HIV-2, I joined forces with Antonio Bertoletti and became increasingly focused on HBV immunopathogenesis, starting my own group in this field in 2002. After an MRC/Academy of Medical Sciences Clinical Scientist Fellowship, I moved into a tenured position at UCL and a personal chair in 2009.

Other positions I currently hold:

  • Deputy Head of the Department of Immunology
  • Deputy Post-graduate tutor, Division of Infection and Immunity
  • UCLP Theme Leader for Immunity/Immunotherapy of Chronic Infection

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The Group

We are a dynamic group of basic and clinical scientists who are all passionate about the work we do. We are highly interactive, working closely with staff in a number of clinics to obtain the patient samples so vital to our work, as well as with scientific collaborators here at UCL and internationally.

We work in well-equipped labs in the Rayne building, as part of the Division of Infection and Immunity at UCL, which is also located in the Cruciform building and the Royal free site. We enjoy the buzz of being in a great location in a leading university campus in central London.

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