Maini Group


Our Research

An integrated approach to dissecting and manipulating hepatic immune cell interactions


Underpinned by cutting-edge research techniques: 

  • 10-12 colour flow cytometry including MHC/peptide multimers for virus-specific cells
  • Flow cytometric and bead sorting of cell subsets;Immunofluoresecence of liver sections (including using TCR-like mAb to identify MHC/peptide complexes);
  • Image-stream analysis of cellular interactions;Functional analyses of cellular interactions (between immune cells and between immune and liver-resident cells);
  • Isolation and expansion of primary human liver resident cells including stellate cells for in vitro modeling of fibrosis;
  • Transduction and expansion of T cells with HBV-specific T cell receptors; Use of lentiviral vectors for gene modification;
  • RT-PCR, Microarrays, ELISA, HPLC

T cell attacking HCC