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Englicious provides English grammar and language resources for schools

Englicious is a web-based teaching and learning resource that uses realistic and relevant grammar examples that are easy for children to grasp. Find out more about how Englicious is giving children a taste for English grammar.

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Understanding English is one thing; understanding English grammar is another. Notoriously difficult to learn (even for native speakers), it’s harder still to teach without the right tools. 

Created by a team led by UCL’s Professor Bas Aarts (UCL English Language & Literature), Englicious is a web-based teaching and learning resource that makes grammar fully accessible through interactive exercises, projects and games. 

Aiming to improve literacy and develop confidence, the focus is on grammar but extends to spelling, punctuation and writing for both primary and secondary students. The entirely free online library is closely tailored to the linguistic content of the 2014 National Curriculum for England and uses examples from natural language corpora.

So far, more than 6,000 teachers have signed up to the Englicious website. The Englicious team has also started working with third party educational providers to deliver continual professional development (CPD) courses for teachers in more regions across the UK, ensuring good grammar is reaching more teachers, kids and teenagers. 

The Englicious project is changing how teaching is carried out in schools across the UK.  Not only is it fun, it is having a hugely positive impact on self-esteem because being able to speak and write well is key for building confidence and ambition in children and young people. 

The project’s website, englicious.org and app, for learning on the go, were created by Professor Bas Aarts, Sean Wallis and Ian Cushing (UCL English Language & Literature) with the support of UCL Innovation & Enterprise and paid for by Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funding.  

Feedback from teachers who have attended the CPD course: English Grammar for Teachers:

Challenged my own learning at times – great!!
The day went beyond my expectations. The subject knowledge and enthusiasm of the workshop leaders was inspiring.
Very thorough, with practical activities to support…a resource that can now be used/incorporated in lessons.

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