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About #MadeAtUCL

#MadeAtUCL is a campaign which aims to bring to life UCL’s impact on people, lives and communities mainly through our ground-breaking research and discoveries.

The UCL community nominated hundreds of stories about the everyday ways that UCL’s work has been touching lives whether through health, technology, culture, environment, community, justice & equality. These stories underwent a selection process involving staff and members of the public. 

Stories shortlisted as part of this campaign demonstrate how they:

  • Improved the everyday lives of people in ways that the general public can relate to
  • Caused a step change in a particular area of life, or are significant
  • Are future-focused or technologically innovative
  • Resonate with people’s lived experiences
  • Generate feelings of intrigue, wonder and surprise

The shortlisted stories are available from this website.

What you can do to participate:

From 16 September to 6 December 2019, visitors had the opportunity to vote on their favourite stories. Voting is now closed but you can still get involved as shown below:

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About UCL

  • UCL was founded in 1826 to open higher education to students from a wider range of backgrounds and to change the way we create and share knowledge.
  • We were the first in England to welcome women to university education and that courageous attitude and disruptive spirit is still alive today.
  • We are a diverse community with the freedom to challenge, think differently and make an impact in the world beyond our campus.
  • We provide a supportive environment where academic insight and pioneering thinking can thrive, deepening knowledge and developing solutions to global problems.
  • We have a progressive and integrated approach to teaching and research – championing innovation, creativity and cross-disciplinary working. 
  • We teach our students how to think, not what to think, and see them as partners, collaborators and contributors.  
  • We are ranked eighth in the world and are amongst a handful of institutions rated as having the strongest academic reputation and the broadest citation impact across disciplines.

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