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Inaugural Trieste Cell Cycle Meeting

June 3-6, 2019
Trieste, Italy 
We believe there is strong support for a more regular biannual International Cell Cycle meeting in Europe. We have therefore taken the initiative to organize the first of these meetings this year, 2019, June 3-6, in Trieste, Italy. This meeting will be the first of a biannual Cell Cycle meeting in Europe to alternate with the well-established Salk Cell Cycle meetings in California, USA. 
The 2019 Cell Cycle Meeting in Trieste, Italy, with the patronage of proESOF2020, will highlight the 'diversity in cell cycle control mechanisms’, exploring cell cycle control in different organisms, focusing on the similarities and differences in fundamental properties, to elucidate the wiring of cell cycle control networks in health and disease. By coordinating with the Salk Cell Cycle meetings and inviting a large number of speakers from outside Europe we anticipate that the Cell Cycle Meeting in Trieste will draw a truly global attendance from the international cell cycle community (see our program). This will provide a larger international community with an opportunity to merge and share ideas.
Assymetric cell division - cells going through mitosis
Image credit: Chantal Roubinet, Baum Lab
The cell cycle remains an intriguing and important research field. Intriguing as it is the biological system that makes life possible by coordinating growth and proliferation of cells, important due to its implications for human development and disease, in particular cancer. In recent years the cell cycle field has not only retained its position at the forefront of cutting edge research, but has seen a major revival by leading the way in quantitative biology. This has enabled the analysis and modelling of single cell dynamics allowing to investigate fundamental regulatory principles in greater detail.
Meeting topics
Diversity in cell cycle controlChromosome segregation and cytokinesisGenome duplication and stabilityCell cycle decision-making Genome integrity and disease The diverse cell cycle