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UCL Life Sciences graduate is changing the landscape in stroke rehabilitation using VR

Eve Gregoriou and her company NeuroVirt are using virtual reality (VR) technology to improve upper-limb rehabilitation and analytics for stroke survivors.

Woman using VR headset

22 October 2021

Due to high demand within the healthcare system, stroke survivors often fail to reach their full recovery potential and lack engaging rehabilitation resources. Clinicians are overloaded, and treatment is typically time-consuming. UCL alumna Eve Gregoriou (PhD Neurosciences 2021) noticed that patients tended to leave hospital with plenty more still to achieve. 

Combining her passion for gaming and neuroscience Eve came up with an idea to help change the way stroke survivors experience rehabilitation. With support from UCL, she founded startup NeuroVirt, which uses virtual reality to create engaging upper-limb focussed rehabilitation programs. The programs not only improve recovery for survivors but gives clinicians accurate date on engagement, progress and outcomes. 

NeuroVirt’s solution is a fun and rewarding rehabilitation resource that can be used at home or in hospitals. Patients play various games designed by the NeuroVirt team, patients and clinicians that are tailored for the specific needs of the individual. The games are played in Immersive VR environments that not only improve the outcomes of upper-limb rehabilitation but also keep patients motivated through their journey to recovery.  

Eve has created a ground-breaking product that has won the Galaxy Award for impactful research projects and the audience Star Award at Conception X’s Demo Day 2020. With support from UCL Innovation & Enterprise Eve has won a competitive Innovate UK Award and she is now planning on raising investment to take NeuroVirt to the next stage. 

Find out more about NeuroVirt on their website.

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