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Lieven Collection

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Lieven Collection (1954)

Prince Paul Ivan Lieven was born into one of Russia's leading aristocratic families. He worked briefly as an engineer before going to live on his estates in Livland Province. He was a senior Red Cross official during the Russo-Japanese War. In exile after 1917 he lived in Germany, Belgium, and Ireland. He was married to Nathalie, Baroness von Taube (1876-1964).


Prince Paul Ivan Lieven's memoirs entitled "Dela davno minuvshikh let I teni tekh, kogo uzh net. 1875-1925", written in 1954.


1 volume, manuscript, 299 pp

(Language) Russian

Unrestricted access

Publication: memoir published as Timenchik, B with notes by Ravin, B in "Daugava" (Riga), nos 5-6, 1991, pp 149-177 and nos 7-8, 1991, pp 178-190

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