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Funding for UKRI open access long-form outputs

Open access is required for UKRI-funded monographs, book chapters and edited collections. This page sets out the open access funding that is available for UKRI long-form outputs.

Open access funding is currently available for all UCL researchers publishing monographs, book chapters, and edited collections. UKRI also has a central fund for UKRI-funded long-form outputs published from 1 January 2024: UCL authors must apply to UCL's Open Access Team in order to make use of this fund. UCL's Open Access Team is responsible for managing the process of applying for funding from UKRI, paying fees, and arranging reimbursement from UKRI. 

UKRI no longer permits the inclusion of open acess publication costs for long-form publications in research funding applications. If you included long-form open access costs in your grant application, though, you should use your grant funds to pay any Gold open access charges. The cost of clearing permissions to include third-party content in publications, including in an open access version, should also be included in grant applications. However, UKRI's central fund may be able to cover permissions fees relating to an open access version. 

Contact the Open Access Team to apply for funding. Please provide the following details:

  • UKRI funding reference,
  • publication stage (it is not necessary to have signed a publishing contract before applying for funding),
  • author details,
  • publication title,
  • publisher,
  • estimated cost (if known), and
  • statement about relationship of the output to the UKRI-funded project or grant, and the relationship between the author and the UKRI funding.

UKRI long-form open access fund restrictions

Funding limits: 

  • up to £10,000 (including VAT) for a monograph or edited collection book processing charge (BPC).
  • up to £1,000 (including VAT) for a chapter processing charge (CPC).
  • Up to £2,000 within the limits per output (above), for costs of clearing permissions for third-party content in the open access version of a monograph or edited collection.

Please note that UCL/UKRI is required to pay VAT on open access fees.

  • Outputs must be published less than seven years after the formal end of a UKRI-funded project. Outputs published seven or more years after the project ends will not be eligible for UKRI open access funding, and do not need to be open access. 
  • UKRI funds are not available for delayed open access (the output must be OA at the point of publication).
  • UKRI funds can also be used to contribute towards collective open access models.