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Graduate Hub review

20 February 2024

Kristy Campbell, PhD Student, visits the Graduate Hub, one of UCL’s dedicated postgraduate student spaces.

Two students working in the Graduate Hub

February seems to be flying by, doesn’t it? But what better way to fritter away the month, than by discovering some of UCL’s finest study spaces for postgraduates? 

I headed to the Wilkins Building, in search of the Graduate Hub. I headed through the glorious space, home to UCL’s Main Library and the wonderous Donaldson Reading Room, down a flight of stairs, and along a corridor that led to both the Print Room Café and the Graduate Hub in the South Junction.

The Graduate Hub is made up of a series of interlocking rooms, each space composed of various desk arrangements, some for group work, some for individual study, and a reasonably sized kitchen fixed in the middle. The spaces were intimate and limited, so you’ll have to get in early to secure one of these exclusive spots. Upon visiting this modest study location, I became very aware of how considerate the students and researchers were of one another; students kept the space reasonably quiet and were respectful of how their work impressed upon the shared space.

This hub provides a range of comfortable seating styles, a warm and peaceful atmosphere, kitchen facilities for making and reheating food and drinks, and is moments from the bustling student community just beyond the corridor.

For more information on these postgraduate spaces, check out the UCL website. Don’t forget to get in contact ahead of your visit if you require any arrangements to be made regarding accessibility or room bookings. Find a hub that suits you!

Visiting the Graduate Hub

The Graduate Hub is dedicated for the use of taught postgraduate students. You need your ID card to enter the Grid. 

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