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Virtual Learning Spaces for Students

4 October 2021

Study with friends at UCL wherever they are in a Virtual Learning Space.

Student working on laptop, wearing headphones

You can now study in a Virtual Learning Space, based on a Zoom room, Monday - Friday 10:00 - 21:00.

You can log into either a silent space or a social space. The audio in both rooms has been switched off, but you can use the chat function in the social space.

Throughout the day there will be opportunities to take breaks with other students in the social space:

  • 11:00: Morning coffee.
  • 12:30: Working lunch.
  • 16:30: Afternoon tea.

We hope to invite some special guests to the virtual spaces throughout the year.

Every week there will also be a Virtual Writing Session for Postgraduate research students on Thursdays, 10:00 – 12:00 in the silent space.

You can use backgrounds from UCL library sites (Main Library or Student Centre) and can apply your favourite filters. UCL Culture have also created a set of virtual meeting backgrounds based on their collections.

In each of the rooms, there is also a live camera feed looking out onto the Japanese Garden from the Student Centre.

Building on user feedback

Last year, Library Services and ISD ran a trial for Virtual Learning Spaces, followed by a research project analysing how the rooms were used. Users reported that the rooms helped them resist procrastination and stay motivated, facilitated social interaction and collaboration while studying remotely.

One postgraduate research student at IOE said:

“I think virtual learning environments are ace - they have been a boon to me, and I hope that UCL will continue to facilitate the provision of those spaces.”

Based on student feedback, we plan to open the spaces 24 hours from January 2022.

Find out more

See our Virtual Learning Spaces page.