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UCL news round-up, help with exams

30 April 2018

UCL Library Services regularly appears in articles on the UCL News website. Below are some of the recent highlights we thought we'd share, all with a focus on studying during the exam period.

Pop-up Libraries

Extra study spaces with Pop-Up Libraries and 24/7 library opening

Two major teaching spaces have been transformed into study areas for you to use over the examination period, providing 250 extra study spaces every weekday.

Library of the month: Pop-Up Libraries

From myUCL Student Journalist Robert Vilkelis

Picture a fresh, cool, modern space: an oasis from the busy, packed-to-capacity-ness of our usual, treasured UCL library spaces. Does it sound too good to be true? Then you haven't heard about our new Pop-Up Library spaces in the Main Quad and in the South Quad.

How to ace studying for your exams

A new tool within the UCL Go! app is making searching campus for a free desk a thing of the past. To make an informed decision about where to head, download the UCL Go! app and click the space availability icon where you'll find real-time information about desk availability.