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Science Library ground floor works now underway

25 November 2016

From 25 November - January 2017, Library Services is making improvements to the ground floor of the Science Library to enhance the learning facilities and make it quicker and easier for you to get advice from our help points.

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What this means for you during the works

The ground floor of the Science Library will be noisier due to the refurbishment work and there will be changes to how you access the area. We are trying to limit the amount of disruptions for you as much as possible and apologise for any inconvenience you experience during this time.

During the refurbishment:

  • Access to the open area of the ground floor (comprising the PC cluster, help point, group study pods and ISD services) will be via the first floor.
  • Alternative routes to ground floor facilities will be signposted.
  • The self-service returns machine will be inaccessible.
  • Books may be returned either to the temporary book bin in the lobby of the Science Library or to the help point on the ground floor.
  • Between 11am and 4pm daily a second help point will operate from the first floor PC cluster room in front of the entrance to the geography reading room.

For more information

See our answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or concerns that are not covered here, please email library@ucl.ac.uk or speak to one of our customer services team in the Science Library.

The impact of the changes

Once the work is completed in January 2017, it will be exciting to see a state of the art learning space designed around the learning needs you told us about in your feedback.

At the moment we have different help points for Library Services and Information Services. The new layout will combine these into one desk so that you only have to queue once. All staff on the desk will be able to help with general library and IT queries so you can see someone faster. For more in-depth needs you may be referred to a specialist.

The area will also be redecorated with colour schemes chosen by library users in Twitter polls this summer.

We'll be introducing new self-service facilities to enable fast and easy borrowing and return of books, plus four more new bookable study pods.

All facilities on the newly refurbished ground floor will be available 24/7.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still borrow and return books during the refurbishment?

Yes - you can borrow books from the self-service machines on the ground floor but you will need to access these via the first floor. You may also return your books to a member of staff on the ground floor or you may return them via the book bin in the lobby.

How do I access the Help Point and ISD Service Desk?

The Help Point will be moved to the first floor and the ISD Service Desk will be accessible from the back staircase.

Can I still get help with finding a book?

You can ask for help with finding a book from a member of staff either on the first floor or on the ground floor.

Will I be able to collect my reservations?

Yes - to collect books on hold, store or interlending items, you will need to visit the collection point on the ground floor. You will need to access this area via the first floor.

Can I still join the library during the refurbishment?

Yes - if you wish to join the library you can visit the membership window in the lobby.

Where do I go if I need to speak to a member of staff?

You will find a member of library staff on the first floor but, depending on your inquiry, you may be directed to someone on the ground floor who can provide help with your particular inquiry.

Why are you using some of the first floor cluster PCs?

Unfortunately, we can't offer many of our core services from their current locations during the refurbishment.

To enable us to continue to provide help point, self-issue and Explore Access Point facilities during the works, we have temporarily relocated these facilities to the 1st floor cluster room.

This means that unfortunately three cluster machines will be unavailable for the duration of the refurbishment but the remaining PCs will still be accessible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.