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Science Library Learning Lab and lobby refurb, June 2016 - January 2017

24 June 2016

A two phased project to refurbish the Learning Lab and front entrance lobby in the Science Library, which will include a number or new benefits to our users.

Learning Lab area of UCL Science Library before refurbishment

UPDATE, February 2017

The works have now finished, read about the new services you can find in the space.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the refurbishment of the Learning Lab and front entrance lobby in the Science Library (DMS Watson Building) was completed on Friday 29th July 2016. The area now benefits from new carpets and paintwork.

New bookable study pods in the south end, individual student booths and a 48 unit laptop loan machine will be fitted in this area towards the end of August and be available for use from the start of September.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will cover the remaining area of the Learning Lab and a new entrance from the front lobby.

In the Learning Lab, there will be updated self-service provision and a new single service help point for both Library and ISD enquiries will be created. This space will also have new carpet and paint.

In the front entrance lobby there will also be a new entrance to the Service Desk for people without a valid ID card and access to the basement toilets for students.

The Phase 2 works will be undertaken in December 2016 and be available from early January 2017.

Access to the Service Desk and computer clusters will be maintained throughout the period of the refurbishment.