Library Services


Self-service at the Eastman Dental Library

At the UCL Eastman Dental Institute Information Centre, new self-service facilities which use the same RFID technology as the UCL Science Library were installed.

Eastman Dental Library self-service equipment

The Information Centre was extensively refurbished in 2004, but following on from the recent addition of the Centre's print holdings to the UCL library catalogue and the introduction of RFID at the Science Library, the decision was then made to also install RFID at the Eastman. The new self-service facility replaced existing but outdated self-service technology and provides a much faster and more efficient process for users, cutting down on queues at the desk and freeing up staff time to answer enquiries. The book collection was reclassified at the same time as it was gradually added to the UCL catalogue, and all the books were relabelled and moved around in the order of the new classification system. Signage was improved and replaced to direct readers around the library space. Projects still to come as part of the integration of the Information Centre into UCL Library Services include the reconfiguration (and possible replacement) of the access turnstile system so that all UCL library members can swipe in automatically. At present, all UCL library members are very welcome to use the Information Centre, but can only swipe in at the entrance once staff have added them to the turnstile system database. Reconfiguration should fix this and make the process much smoother for everyone.