Library Services


Library Services response times

Contacted us? This page outlines our aims in providing you with a timely response to your query.

Telephone Enquiries

We aim for all telephone calls to be answered within 30 seconds during our staffed hours Monday-Thursday 09:30-20:45, Friday 10:00-20:45, Saturday 11:00-17:45.

Email Enquiries

We aim to respond to emails received to our general library@ucl.ac.uk address within one working day and to resolve all queries within five working days.

Enquiries by Post

We aim to reply to any letters we receive by post within five working days.

In Person Enquiries

We will acknowledge each person approaching an Enquiry Desk within 30 seconds. Our aim is that you should have to wait no longer than five minutes for us to respond to your enquiry.

Your comments

If you haven't received a timely service in line with our stated response times, or have any comments about any aspect of our services please tell us what you think.