Library Services


Learned Societies

The libraries of several learned societies have been deposited in UCL Library Services, and in most cases are integrated into the same sequence as UCL books.

The following list indicates where the Societies' books are most likely to be found:

Folklore Society LibraryStore (exceptions)
Gaelic Society of LondonSpecial Collections
Geologists' AssociationScience Library, 3rd Floor
Hertfordshire Natural History SocietyStore
Huguenot SocietySpecial Collections
Jewish Historical Society of EnglandMain Library (Jewish Studies)
London Mathematical SocietyScience Library (3rd Floor)
Malacological SocietyStore
Museums AssociationInstitute of Archaeology Library
Philological SocietyMain Library (Donaldson)
Royal Historical SocietyMain Library (History)
Viking Society for Northern ResearchMain Library (Scandinavian Studies)

Members of these societies may apply for tickets to use UCL Library Services. A passport size photograph is required for incorporation in the ticket.

Folklore Society materials not held in Wickford Store

With the exception of the most recent 10 years of the following periodical titles which will remain on the open shelves at the end of Anthropology, all other Folklore Society books and serials are in our Store at Wickford.

Please note that the Society's own journal "Folklore" and newsletter FLS NEWS can be requested from the Basement Store.

  1. ARV: Nordic Yearbook of Folklore
  2. Bealoides
  3. Bulletin of the Folklore Studies Association of Canada
  4. Contemporary Legend
  5. Cosmos: The Journal of the Traditional Cosmology Society
  6. Estudos de Literatura Oral
  7. Ethnologies
  8. Fabula
  9. FF Communications
  10. FF Network
  11. FLS News
  12. Foaftale News
  13. Folk Life
  14. Folk Music Journal
  15. Folklife Center News
  16. Folklife in the South West
  17. Folklore
  18. Folklore (Estonia)
  19. Folklore Historian
  20. Humor
  21. JEF - Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics
  22. Journal of American Folklore
  23. Journal of Folklore Research
  24. Letters to Ambrose Merton
  25. The Local Historian
  26. Lore and Language
  27. Marvels and Tales / Merveilles & Contes)
  28. Midwestern Folklore
  29. Missouri Folklore Society Journal
  30. Missouri Folklore Society Newsletter
  31. Morris Ring Circular
  32. New York Folklore
  33. NNF News
  34. Plant-Lore Notes and News
  35. ROSC / Review of Scottish Culture
  36. Scottish Studies
  37. Southern Folklore
  38. Studia Fennica Ethnologica
  39. Studia Fennica Folkloristica
  40. Studies in Folklore and Popular Religion
  41. Third Stone
  42. Tocher
  43. Ulster Folklife
  44. Western Folklore