Library Services


UCL Records Office Collection Policy

1. Introduction

The Records Office is a department of UCL Library Services. It is the sole repository for the administrative and research records of UCL. Records are held primarily for the use of its academics, administrators, students and alumni, as well as researchers and other interested persons.

2. Mission

The task of the Records Office is:

  • To implement records management by formulating policies and procedures that will facilitate the acquisition and preservation of records of long-term or permanent value
  • To appraise, collect, arrange, describe, preserve and make available records of administrative, legal and / or historical value to UCL
  • To provide adequate facilities for the preservation of such records
  • To serve as a resource to support teaching and learning.

3. Collection scope

The Records Office acquires the administrative records of UCL which document its activities, transactions and governance. These include staff and student personal files, and research records of academic staff.

Specific criteria apply to the records of clinical trials. UCL accepts:

  • UCL Trial Master Files
  • UCL Site Files
  • Site Files from UCLH NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust or Whittington Hospital NHS Trust where the Chief Investigator holds a substantive or honorary contract with UCL.

No other clinical trial records are accepted.

The administrative records of UCL designated for long-term or permanent preservation must be inactive and no longer in frequent use for the current activities of the originating office.

Records are acquired by internal transfer in accordance with retention schedules. No material is acquired by gift, loan or purchase, including personal libraries.