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Disposal of paper files

Files retained on site

When files are closed, you will need to decide whether to keep them on site for a period before destruction or transfer them off-site for long term storage. If they are to remain on site, they must still be properly managed, tracked and disposed of according to the retention schedule.

Remember that many files contain copies of information which came from another office or from outside UCL. This material should be discarded as soon as it is no longer required for reference, and not moved to long-term storage.

All destructions must be documented, using this form. You can put non-confidential material into the normal paper recycling sacks. You should dispose of small volumes of confidential records by shredding them yourself; disposal of larger volumes should be arranged via UCL Estates.

Files stored off site

The Records Office manages UCL's off-site storage and retrieval service, and separate agreements should not be entered into with other businesses. When records stored off-site reach their destruction date, we will arrange for their destruction.

Moving offices

You should contact us as early as possible when planning office moves, so that we can work with you and colleagues in Estates. This should help ensure that files are securely transferred, and that adequate storage is available in the new accommodation, or that suitable arrangements are made for off site-storage.

The aim is to ensure that office moves will not compromise the quality or accuracy of records, that filing systems remain intact and to prevent unnecessary disruption to work. Ultimately such cooperation will minimise the impact of moves on students and other stakeholders.

Legacy records

If you have inherited, or you identify, a collection of unmanaged records, you should review them to determine whether any are redundant and can be destroyed and to process the rest for transfer to off-site storage. These collections are often to be found in neglected areas of buildings, such as basements, and we urge you to contact us to discuss managing these records.

Note: electronic media

This guidance relates to paper records only. When disposing of electronic media, you should follow the UCL Estates guidance on disposal of confidential waste and the Computer Security Team guidance on secure destruction of electronic media