Library Services


Location filming and photography

The following information will assist crews who are looking to use a UCL library as a location for filming or photographic shoots.

Video camera

The libraries at UCL have featured in many films; television productions; documentaries and interviews.

Location availability

Due to our libraries being busy academic libraries, filming can usually only be accommodated during our Summer Term which runs from mid-June to mid-September. Crews large or small are welcome to apply to film during our Summer Term. Please note that while some areas of the libraries can accommodate filming throughout the day, filming in reading rooms will be subject to operational needs.

Occasionally, we are able to accommodate small scale filming projects outside of the Summer Term dates. For further information please contact us.


We have an hourly rate charge for location filming. Please contact us for information on charges.

Applying to film/contacting us

Internal UCL Staff & Students who wish to film in a UCL Library should submit a request via RemedyForce Self Service: Remedyforce Self Service > "Request Something" > "LCCOS Facilities".

For external requests to film in a UCL Library, or if you would like further information on filming/photography please contact us via e-mail at lib-facilities@ucl.ac.uk.

To help us respond to your request please include the following details in your e-mail:

  • A brief outline of the proposed filming/photography.
  • Number of cast/crew.
  • Date and time of proposed filming (if known).
  • Areas of the library required for filming (if known).
  • Name of Company (if applicable).

Filming of UCL Special Collections and UCL Records Office collections

Selection of Special Collections images

We have a small number of rooms on the Bloomsbury campus, available throughout the year, which are ideal for filming material held by UCL Special Collections and the UCL Records Office (subject to operational needs).

These rooms are offered as a location and charged for at an hourly rate. Filming and using individual items from the collections in subsequent broadcasts will however normally incur an additional charge. Please see the Photographic orders and publication of images webpage for charges.

We occasionally receive requests to film items from the Collections in some unusual places/locations on the UCL campus. Please note that while we try to accommodate these requests, this will be subject to the feasibility of the proposed UCL location. If you are requesting to film Collection items with a specific UCL location in mind, please include any details of the proposed location in your e-mail to us.

For further information please contact us at lib-facilities@ucl.ac.uk.

Further information about the collections, and contact details to request material held by UCL Special Collections and the UCL Records Office are available on their web pages.