QUCL - Research on Sexual and Gender diversity at UCL


Our aims

  • Enriching the culture and communication of research on sexual and gender diversity at UCL for staff and students.
  • Building on current research at UCL on sexual and gender diversity, while also creating a new forum for debating and researching these issues in a global framework.
  • Providing a cohesive programme of activities to build on successful events hosted by UCL in recent years during Diversity Month/LGBT History Month and supported by the UCL Equalities and Diversity Team and the LGBTQ+ Equalities Advisory Group.
  • Applying the collective skills of UCL researchers towards achieving outcomes that will address issues of sexual and gender diversity in a global framework.
  • Attracting new students to taught degree programmes, while complementing existing programmes such as the MA in Gender, Society and Representation and modules across UCL that attend to sexual and gender diversity.
  • Encouraging innovative approaches to research-based teaching in LGBTQ studies, gender and sexuality studies, queer theory and related fields.
  • Catering for an expanding MPhil/PhD student community.

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