QUCL - Research on Sexual and Gender diversity at UCL


About us

qUCL is a research network hosted by the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS).

qUCL builds on existing activities at UCL such as the staff LGBTQ network Out@UCL, while also establishing a more wide-ranging framework for the development of cross-disciplinary LGBTQ research, teaching and public engagement.

Why the name 'qUCL'?

The inaugural Queer Zoo event in December 2014 initiated a lively debate on a name for the network. Terminology is continually evolving and no word or phrase will perfectly describe all the work being done under headings such as LGBTQ. In light of these discussions, it was decided to call the network qUCL (pronounced 'queue C L'), where the q functions as a sliding signifier. 

qu∙c∙l  /kyusiɛl/ proper noun.   research network at UCL that brings together work on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and queer equalities, identities and histories: qUCL enriches the culture of LGBTQ research at UCL for staff and students.