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Meet our previous students

UPC students come from a diverse range of backgrounds. They go on to study a variety of undergraduate courses at UCL and other top UK universities. Find out UPC student progression rates, where they progressed to after the UPC and their experience of foundation and undergraduate courses.

Where do UPC students progress to?

The UPC has excellent progression rates and is a great way to start your academic journey. The majority of our students go on to study their undergraduate degrees at the best UK universities.

When applying to UCL, UPC students are guaranteed to receive a conditional offer for 162 degrees, if they:

  • are predicted to meet the entry requirements
  • have written a clearly relevant personal statement

See which universities and degree programmes UPC students progressed to in the last three years.

Another Russell Group university18%22%16%
Another UK university10%16%8%
Did not progress to a degree in the following academic year10%9%6%

Full lists of the universities and degree courses UPC students progressed to are available for each of the last three years. 

2023 list

2022 list

2021 list

Student Q&As

We've asked our previous students some questions about coming to study the UPC in London.


Ekaterina Timakova

From: Russia
Foundation course: UPCH (2023)
Degree: UCL Information Management for Business, BSc


Gwen Tanujaya

From: Indonesia
Foundation course: UPCSE (2023)
Degree: UCL Biomedical Sciences BSc


Ziyi Wang

From: China
Foundation course: UPCH (2022)
Degree: UCL Education Studies BA


Julián Torres

From: Columbia
Foundation course: UPCH (2023)
Degree: UCL Philosophy BA

Photograph of Ruiyi at an art gallery

Ruiyi Zhu

From: China
Foundation course: UPCH (2022)
Degree: UCL Social Sciences BSc


Yagmur Akyol

From: Turkey
Foundation course: UPCSE (2022)
Degree: UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng

Photograph of Yeats in an art gallery by some paintings

Yeats Lin

From: Taiwan
Foundation course: UPCH (2022)
Degree: UCL History of Art BA

Photograph of Artur stood in front of a wall

Artur Podsokha

From: Ukraine
Foundation course: UPCH (2022)
Degree: UCL Politics, Sociology and East European Studies BA


Yusuke Sueyoshi

From: Japan
Foundation course: Architecture (2021)
Degree: UCL Urban Planning, Design and Management BSc


Ichika Aradono

From: Japan
Foundation course: UPCSE (2021)
Degree: UCL Cancer Biomedicine BSc

Zeynep UPC UCL foundation course student in front of the Christmas lights on Oxford street in London

Zeynep Naz Behram

From: Turkey
Foundation course: UPCSE (2021)
Degree: UCL Applied Medical Sciences BSc

Yihoon Baek UPC international foundation course student

Jihoon Baek

From: South Korea
Foundation course: UPCH with Architecture (2021)
Degree: UCL Architecture MSci

Regina UPC UCL foundation course student on a bridge in London

Regina Loren Villamante

From: Philippines
Foundation course: UPCH (2021)
Degree: UCL Education Studies BA

Citlalli UPC international foundation student in london

Citlalli Escobar

From: Mexico
Foundation course: UPCH (2021)
Degree: UCL History of Art, Materials and Technology BA

UCl Foundation (UPC) student Mariia Kuzmina

Mariia Kuzmina

From: Russia
Foundation course: UPCSE (2020)
Degree: UCL Mathematics BSc

Yuxuan He - former foundation student

Yuxuan He

From: China
Foundation course: UPCH (2020)
Degree: UCL Law LLB

Aimi Furugen UPC foundation year student near campus

Aimi Furugen

From: Japan
Foundation course: UPCH (2020)
Degree: UCL Information Management for Business BSc

Jeongmin Lee (former UPCSE student)

Jeongmin Lee

From: South Korea
Foundation course: UPCSE (2019)
Degree: UCL Biomedical Sciences BSc