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Meet our previous students

UPC students come from a diverse range of backgrounds. They go on to study a variety of undergraduate courses at UCL and other top UK universities. Find out UPC student progression rates, where they progressed to after the UPC and their experience of foundation and undergraduate courses.

Where do UPC students progress to?

The UPC has excellent progression rates and is a great way to start your academic journey. The majority of our students go on to study their undergraduate degrees at the best UK universities. 


During the UPC, students receive offers for their future degree programme. The below table shows the percentage of UPC students in 2022 and 2021 who received a degree offer from either UCL or from UCL or another Russell Group university.

Offer from UCL85%84%
Offer from UCL or another Russell Group university97%98%


Over the past two years, UPC students went on to the following universities for their undergraduate degree:

Another Russell Group university22%16%
Another UK university16%8%
Did not progress to a degree in the following academic year9%6%

Universities and courses

See which universities and degree programmes UPC students progressed to in 2022 and 2021.

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Student experiences 


What skills did you learn?

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How was it making friends?

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What's it like living in London?

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Questions with our alumni 


Ichika Aradono

Nationality: Japanese
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCSE (2021)
Progressed to: Cancer Biomedicine BSc at UCL
"I dreamed of being a medical doctor in Japan, but after my mother was diagnosed with cancer, my personal experience made me realise the significance of cancer research."


Zeynep UPC UCL foundation course student in front of the Christmas lights on Oxford street in London

Zeynep Naz Behram

Nationality: Turkish
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCSE (2021)
Progressed to: Applied Medical Sciences BSc at UCL

"During the UPC year, getting feedback from our tutors for everything we did has been so helpful to prepare for the ‘real’ university life."

Yihoon Baek UPC international foundation course student

Jihoon Baek

Nationality: South Korean
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCH with Architecture (2021)
Progressed to: Architecture MSci at UCL

"I learned how to make models and use visual media with the help of the Bartlett faculty. This I think is one of the biggest strengths of the UPC course for prospective architecture students."

Regina UPC UCL foundation course student on a bridge in London

Regina Loren Villamante

Nationality: Filipino
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCH (2021)
Progressed to: Education Studies BA at UCL

"I had always been fascinated with the idea of being a teacher and when I found out that UCL is number 1 in education studies, I didn’t have second thoughts about pursuing my undergraduate studies at the UCL Institute of Education."

Citlalli UPC international foundation student in london

Citlalli Escobar

Nationality: Mexican
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCH (2021)
Progressed to: History of Art, Materials and Technology BA at UCL

"Modern European Culture and Classical Civilisation constantly challenged me to think critically about the content and readings of each subject."

UCl Foundation (UPC) student Mariia Kuzmina

Mariia Kuzmina

Nationality: Russian
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCSE (2020)
Progressed to: Mathematics BSc at UCL

"I chose UCL because it provides the highest standard of education. I enjoy studying in a competitive academic environment, and UCL is certainly this kind of a place."

Yuxuan He - former foundation student

Yuxuan He

Nationality: Chinese
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCH (2020)
Progressed to: Law LLB at UCL

"I love the academic freedom provided in these classes. They really provide us with a place to engage in academic disagreements and the lecturers and the tutors always welcome academic debates as well."

Aimi Furugen UPC foundation year student near campus

Aimi Furugen

Nationality: Japanese
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCH (2020)
Progressed to: Information Management for Business BSc at UCL

"In comparison to my teachers in high school, the UPC tutors were much more approachable and easier to communicate with. Small nuances, such as being asked to call them by their first name, created a comfortable environment".

Jeongmin Lee (former UPCSE student)

Jeongmin Lee

Nationality: South Korean
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCSE (2019)
Progressed to: Biomedical Sciences BSc at UCL

I feel like it is a huge advantage that I could use the same area as UCL undergraduates, including lab facilities and libraries, especially with UCL being a high ranked global university."

Nanami, former UPCH foundation student

Nanami Tsuchiyama

Nationality: Japanese
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCH (2019)
Progressed to: Geography with Quantitative Methods BA at UCL

"The Geography and the Built Environment subject was really helpful because I wanted to study Geography. Through this subject, I was able to learn concepts which built the foundation of my undergraduate studies."

Gregorian UPC student

Gregorian Tanto

Nationality: Indonesian
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCH (2018)
Progressed to: Architecture BSc at UCL

"London is one of the most ideal cities to study architecture in; a melting pot of various cultures as a result of it being an extremely diverse and international city. Additionally, populated with both contemporary and historical structures, London is a perfect merger of both worlds."


Haixiang Sun

Nationality: Chinese
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCSE (2017)
Progressed to: Computer Science BSc at UCL

"Living in London met my expectations – it’s really international, I don’t feel like a foreigner, even though I am. There are a lot of events and opportunities here, so you’re never bored."

Arkadiy Serezhkin

Arkadiy Serezhkin

Nationality: Russian
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCSE (2017)
Progressed to: Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance) MEng at UCL

"The UPC course was a really great experience; yes - there were hard times, but overall it was a great course which developed me, not only my technical knowledge but also my personality."


Abdullah Alhasan

Nationality: Saudi
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCSE (2017)
Progressed to: Geology BSc at UCL

"The UPC is arranged in a way to get the best out of you. It helps you cope with stress, because there are so many deadlines, it gets you used to it."


Cristina Trovati

Nationality: Russian/Italian
Previous course at UCL CLIE: UPCH (2017)
Progressed to: Urban Planning, Design and Management BSc at UCL

"Here I got the feeling that teachers care; they want to immerse you in a subject and actually enjoy teaching it. This helped reignite my passion and interest."